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Howtwosave's Love Hina Tv Review

Love Hina

Rated: 2

This anime is way more childish probably more and definitely more idiotic as some anime geared toward kids yet so many people are standing by this as one of the best and their favorites.

The stupidity in this beats out the fan-service by a long-shot.

Some people describe this anime as wacky or crazy but I just found it stupidity at its worst.
the story/plot/everything about this anime was stupid, unfunny, predictable, boring, cliche, ripped-off, typical, reminds me of so many animes that are a million times better that need to be fansubbed asap.

So all in all no romance, no comedy, no originiality, no progression, bad characters so there's no point.

I really wish I could say that I had no idea why other people like this anime.

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Kingkaisamakotei's Love Hina Tv Review

Love Hina

Rated: 7

The humor is really not that good although that is only my opinion because after all some may find its style pretty funny. But for me, the constant breast touching and awkward situations- such as Naru putting on her panty hose (and getting touched by keitaro) may be interesting but after-9 hours of that and similar “funny” situations surely the effect would have worn off ages ago. Still the funniness top the funniness in To Heart and Da capo any day and really for those who is sexually minded (but can not watch Hentai),I suppose this is as close it gets and you Probably would find this anime a great watch.

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Aoshi101's Love Hina Tv Review

Love Hina

Rated: 8

Overall this series was pretty enjoyable. If I side-stepped the changes between the manga and the anime (face it its gonna have differences) then its very well done. I was easily engrossed into the plot and the action sequences. I still can't get enough of the type of kicks and punches Naru threw at Keitaro. It was funny to watch him survive all that without any broken bones but then a big ball rolls on top of him and he breaks a leg. Now that is humor. This series was full of humor, yet they managed not to over do it. None of the jokes got too old to me. In fact the more I got used to the jokes, the more fun I had, cause I was able to point out when Keitaro was gonna accidently catch Naru changing or something even before I knew it was going to happen.

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Haloman's Love Hina Tv Review

Love Hina

Rated: 6

In terms of originality, love hina has the most points. the only if is that it only focuses in the story of to caracteres, keitaro and Naru, wich leaves all the others to a second plan.
But love is allways origininal, no matter how many times it´s told and told again.
the humor is HUGE. the problems keitaro faces and how he andles them, when he sees any of the girls naked or touches the bobes of one of them and is punched or kicked by that, and by this and other humorous scenes, humor diserves A+.

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Shukufuku's Love Hina Tv Review

Love Hina

Rated: 8

The originality of this anime is good. With a unique storyline and lots and lots of humor invovled. Though most of the humor comes at the expense of Keitaro. The girls always find new ways to send him into next week. The antics of the different residents of Hinata Dormitory are not to ignored either and will make you laugh out loud. From Mitsune's drunken antics to Kaolla's inventions. All these give Love Hina a certain charm to it. All of the characters are unique, from their looks to thier personalites, you will definitely learn to love all of them in thier own way. Every day is different at Hinata Dormitory, from parties to studying for exams, the characters still manage to make all this interesting.

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Theultimatemiracle's Love Hina Tv Review

Love Hina

Rated: 9

Love Hina is a really great story which reflects on every guy's fantasy and life. Lots of love and romance are included in the story with some elements of ecchi in it. And there are also lots of teen humour in it, especially when Keitaro accidentally touches one of the Hinata Girls' breasts of accidentally did any indecent stuff.
One great thing about Love Hina is that each and every girl in Hinata Lodge has a unique personality even though their characteristics are not really original:

Naru Narusegawa; 'The Violent Beauty'

The main girl of the story and an extremely beautiful but with one drawback; she's also extremely violent, quick to blast Keitaro into the oblivion when he does something 'indecent'. But overall, she quite a nice girl and cares for others.

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Kumori's Love Hina Tv Review

Love Hina

Rated: 8

The basic storyline is not too original, but the way that it is weaved together is a style that is unique to Ken Akamatsu. Originality is never a big issue because the more humorous parts of the anime are very original. Since when is there an anime where magical girls, tough tomboys, and cute cooks live in the same place?

This leads up to the humor of the story. This is very important to the success of the Love Hina franchise, because the incidents that Keitaro gets himself in are so hilarious. The humor mostly involves Keitaro fondling, peeking at, or saying stupid things to girls. Then, he always gets beat up (often he's sent into the atmosphere...) but somehow he manages to survive...this is the repeating pun that is seen every episode...

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