Milkiyo's Last Exile Tv Review

Last Exile

Rated: 8

Fun? This is why I watched Last Exile until the end in the first place. Every moment has a great amount of suspense and drama not to mention a sense of grandeur. You can practically feel all kinds of emotions in this anime (except humor); despair, happiness, sadness or just plain frustration.

Last Exile also gives you the feeling that you are altogether in a new world where flight plays a major role in our lives. I would recommend this anime to you since it has left me feeling glad that I completed this anime (I have a habit of stopping halfway through animes I do not like).

Last Exile however, is a rather complex anime and some of you might find it confusing at first.

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Yuizaki's Last Exile Tv Review

Last Exile

Rated: 6

With this grandeur world setting, the anime could've been developed into much more complex story while being more viewer friendly in presenting the world setting. This anime misses to be truly great anime because of 1. Incomplete story 2. Very viewer unfriendly and 3. Copycat. Producers need to be very careful with the way they present their work, especially if there is a famous anime with similar setting that came out earlier. In many places, there were chances to distinguish the anime from Laputa. However, the anime didn't take the chances and continued to remind viewers of the world of Laputa throughout the series. The world setting is really well thought out so it's a regret that the work has failed to fully materialize its potential to become one of the greatest anime.

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Vaiowega's Last Exile Tv Review

Last Exile

Rated: 8

This serie is original, the characters are sympathetic, they all have their own story and problems, we learn more on their past in each episode, while the intrigue is being more and more cleared up.
To have such a series provide one of the most original and engaging storylines in recent generations among anime was a treat that fans can only be grateful for. Last Exile is one series that no anime fan should ever miss out on.
There is just one small drawback : you won't find any piece of humor, but it's not so dramatic, in Last Exile, humor isn't necessary to entertain us... the rest is so good :-)
Much like reading an original classic novel, this series drives your imagination, especially for those with a taste of epic adventure, as you look forward to what lies ahead.

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