Weskalia's Kobato Tv Review

Rated: 9

Kobato. isn't going to appeal everyone with its store full of effortlessly sugary sweetness, and in the end, it might feel a little hollow, but it does, at the very least, do a narratively competent and entertaining job telling a delightful story of magic and romance. Madhouse's visual prowess is on full display once again, and the result is a beautiful, carefully detailed and altogether pleasant wisp of an anime that does absolutely everything – from the characters' personalities to the story construction to the emotional stakes that hold the whole thing together – in miniature. It's a fitting and reasonable welcome to the warm and familiar pleasure of Kobato.'s world and one of the finest and most entertaining anime series in recent memory.

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Lumenesca's Kobato Manga Review

Rated: 9

Kobato, in whole, flows nicely. It starts you off with good old humor to get you interested, and as the story moves on, dives more into human drama. An interesting relationship that develops mid-story is between the teacher's assistant and Kobato. Remember that guy I mentioned earlier that saved Kobato from the pedophile and then called her a child whore? He's the assistant. He also ends up living next to her! Well, to those who have read many a manga and watched a lot of anime, this kind of twist isn't unexpected, but it's still intriguing. As of now, all four of the translated chapters kept me interested from start to finish and each had a good (and sometimes suspenseful) ending. The fifth chapter has not yet been translated, but I look forward to it.

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