Vveexx' Kiddy Grade Ova Review

Kiddy Grade

Rated: 8

The series starts out as a really light hearted affair that puts a smile on your face or makes you laugh out loud each episode. The series however, does take a dark and unexpected turn closer to the end. The plot also becomes increasingly complicated towards the end. You really have to pay attention and follow the story to understand why some of the characters seem to be flipping out.
Some people have complained that the series doesn't make any sense, but it does. You can't skip episodes or halfway pay attention to the later episodes.

Even after it's dark turn it's still a really enjoyable show that I love.

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Speedfreek19's Kiddy Grade Tv Review

Kiddy Grade

Rated: 9

Overall Kiddy Grade was put together really well. Great concept and they take this story and deliver it really well.

Start of the series its fairly light-hearted and enjoyable, well as much as it is to start with anyway, and the bantering and such that goes on between the characters, of course this is in later in the series as well but not as much. The thing about this anime is that if you get put off from the first few episodes is that you are going to miss out on the rest of the series in which it really picks up. One of my friends said that it wasnt that great, i asked how many eps they had seen, and they had only seen about 8 episodes. Its not really until after 8-9 episodes that it really starts to get interesting.

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Cyberstorm's Kiddy Grade Tv Review

Kiddy Grade

Rated: 8

You might get bothered by the fact that the names of most of the characters are taken from European languages, it is however to give the characters an exotic touch and I found it rather entertaining and not bothering at all since the names actually connects with the characters, not like in Sorcerer Hunters where they have names of food.

Donnerschlag (thunder in German), it’s their own "little" robot that takes care of them (the fan subbers failed to understand that it actually was German so they wrote something really funny like Doneslaque, but it gets corrected later).
Eclair is the name of the main character; it means Lightning/Flash in French.
Also the name of her partner Lumiere is French, it means Light.

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