Weskalia's Katanagatari Tv Review


Rated: 9

Some have complained about the pacing of Katanagatari being a bit on the slow and deliberate side, but that does not show as much in this span of episodes as it does in some later ones. Besides, those looking for a more dedicated action fantasy probably gave up many episodes earlier anyway. This is not a fantasy action series, but a true and full-blooded fantasy series at its finest. It even does a superb job of taking the original novel and expanding it by enriching the characterizations and more thoroughly exploring the setting. It looks great, sounds good, and does its job well in world-building and character development departments. The end result makes this one of the decade's highlight anime series.

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Kentaro51's Katanagatari Tv Review


Rated: 8

There were plenty of funny parts included, fight scenes were thrilling to see, and like I said before it captures your attention easily. There were however a few clich├ęs included. Dumb, but strong boy meets smart, but weak girl. They gradually fall in love as they travel in search of a few legendary swords. Katanagatari, however, was able to overcome that and added something extra to it. I can't seem to figure out what that was though.

In the end I had some mixed feelings about this anime. I liked seeing it and I wouldn't wish I hadn't seen it, but I don't like sad endings at all. Not a single bit. I, as an audience member, almost subconsciously demanded a happy ending. I recommend watching if you enjoy the ride to the climax of a story.

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