Rosegirl18's Kare Kano Tv Review

Kare Kano

Rated: 6

I loved Kare Kano, I really did.

I got addicted to the sweet but not sickly fluffy romance of Arima and Yukino, but I was so unhappy with its setup. I don't know if the ending was planned to be that way, or if those recap episodes were meant to exist, but I was just devastated as soon as the stick figures came out.

I didn't even watch the recaps.

Kare Kano had everything that a short anime series needed - a ready fanbase from the original manga, dynamic characters, captivating plot twists and a great plot. The anime adaption used so little of that.

Its setup was sloppy, the planning was less than average, and the ending is probably the worst of anime history. What are left now are only 'what if's.

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Harakiri's Kare Kano Tv Review

Kare Kano

Rated: 8

The director Hideaki Anno is famous for excellently depicting the characters feelings and emotions. Thats why Kare Kano is touching and hillariously funny at the same time.
Annos unique directing style can especially be seen in the first three episodes and especially in episode 18 of Kare Kano. It becomes more ordinary in the other episodes though until he quits the Kare Kano project after episode 18 and leaves the work to Kazuya Tsurumaki.
Kazuya Tsurumaki had the hard part to do; as the animation budget having been already used up in the episodes up to 19 he is forced to take some creative but not expensive measures. The cels in episode 19 are quite sketchy and real backgrounds are used to make it fit the sketchy character look.

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Patchy's Kare Kano Tv Review

Kare Kano

Rated: 9

Personally I very much enjoyed this anime, and I hope you do too. It has lots of witty humour that it suitable for the whole family. This anime offers a rainbow of different characters so you're most likely to find at least one you like, from the queen of vanity yukino, humble arima, the scaryand vengeful tsubasa, the witless player asaba etc etc.
His & Her is a well paced anime with very down-to-earth roots, and is very entertaining despite this limitation.

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Daos' Kare Kano Tv Review

Kare Kano

Rated: 4

The plot is very original, since this is the first itme I see someone's secret revealed and have that person fall in love with the other. <3 However, the creators wouldn't know comedy if it hit them on the head. :|
I had to fast-forward all the stupidity so I only got about 10 minutes of the show fully watched rather than the half hour. What does stupidity include in this show? Apart from the awful sound, poor animation, and personal drama, everything!
Please, if you can, avoid this time waster at all costs. It is nothing but poorly drawn animated manga and piano music. I guess the creators were very cheap to have some proper speech and animation. Maybe they themselves did not enjoy making the anime very much in the poor way it came out.

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Tishdon's Kare Kano Tv Review

Kare Kano

Rated: 8

The basic story line for this anime certainly isn’t original, and you might mistakenly label this as just another high school/pre-university sappy love story. However that’s where the similarities to any other anime end. This series took a very unique twist of a well used theme and created a strange and fast moving anime with serious overtones woven in between humorous situations, satisfying punch lines and some pretty cool fight/chase scenes.

The love story between these two flawed High School students is the core of this series – however don’t get the impression that this is a serious anime. This is basically a comedy written in the shadow of a serious anime.

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