Syeung321's Kanon Tv Review


Rated: 8

Kanon is one of my favourite anime series and the only thing that i can say is better than Air at, is that it has more time for the developments of each character and for the audience to know them intimately rather than the fast-paced drama in every episode of Air though the episodes in Kanon never got boring.

The story and presentation was also straightforward and easily understood by watchers. I gotta say the funny bits were very well placed indeed. I enjoyed this anime immensely and loved the happy but gentle ending which was very appropriate and unexpected after watching Air (i thought sad endings were the producer's style, guess i was wrong).

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Littlejonny100's Kanon Tv Review


Rated: 8

Kanon is often seen as the sister anime to AIR as they both originated from the same company, so if you enjoyed one you should enjoy the other. Everything about Kanon 2006 is soft, beautiful and pure, emphasised by the ongoing theme of pure, white snow. If you have seen the original and are thinking "I know what'll happen. What's the point?" you are so very wrong, you'll probably enjoy this more than someone watching it for the first time.

A lovely comedy with multiple tear jerking events, Kanon is guaranteed to satisfy those who are after something romantic and innocent. As said before this isn't to be taken as reality as it is in fact shrouded with fantasy, only presented in a casual fashion so as to seem realistic.

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Rosegirl18's Kanon Tv Review


Rated: 9

Kanon was one of my most favorite series, and would have been my number one this season, if it hadn't been for Code Geass. The story induced so much emotion and cheeriness, I couldn't help but write a review for it. Each past helped me know each character better, and allowed me to see character developements that I couldn't possibly have seen in even the best of animes.

The 24-episode set up helped the story immensely, and I was grateful that Kyoto Animation used up the episodes to the fullest, refraining from any recaps or lengthy flashbacks. The company also seemed to use a storyboard efficiently, and didn't laze off on any episode. The story was well-written, and didn't get confusing (in the wrong way), even during the climax.

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JetKrazy's Kanon Tv Review


Rated: 10

There were happy times and sad times throughout the series. There were times where you could cry (I know I did) and times when you can laugh with (or at) the characters. There were times when you wish you could reach into the screen and hug the character for whatever reasons (almost broke the screen like that). Kanon overall was very fun to watch. I would watch over and over if I had the chance, but unfortunately, I don't have enough time. The whole story was told very well, one of the best story-tellings I've ever seen anywhere. The story was well paced and plotted out through 13 episodes. I was kind of disappointed that the story was only 13 episodes. Kanon has the potential to be an absolutely amazing 26 episode series.

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Psy295's Kanon Tv Review


Rated: 8

This series is a great series for those who like Romance series with a little quirk in them. If you liked Da Capo and Air, you will really like this series. The characters and storyline was the highlight of this series. Though accompanied by dissappointing animation. The series does start with a pretty good mood which made it look like a harem drama romance series between Nayuki and everyone else, but the series quickly ended that approach with some very unexpecting moments and characters which dramatically changed the series into something a lot of special.
Despite having to watch the ugly main guy character all the time, the series was really fun to watch. It was interesting how each characters past and present conflict is unravelled with a really suprising ending.

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