Ladholyman's Kaleido Star Ova Review

Kaleido Star

Rated: 10

Layla was the main character here, so all you Mia and Anna fans will probably be a bit disappointed. I learned quite a bit about Layla in this OAV, from her severe phobia of failure to her hidden past of being a weakling and a crybaby. All this makes me appreciate her already beloved character even more. Sora was her usual happy-go-lucky self, so not much development there. But there was no need to, since Sora did fulfill her purpose as Layla`s pillar of support. All the other characters only had cameos, and somehow (I don`t know why), Ken started wearing those fruity glasses. It makes him look more pimp, I guess.
If you have not watched the original series, stop right here. Don`t even think of watching this.

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