CyanideBlizzard's KIBA Tv Review

Rated: 8

I think I love you Kiba, but I wanna know for sure. Well, after the 51 episode rollercoaster ride of a lifetime, I think I do know. I think I really like you a lot Kiba. We've had some great times together and experienced a lot of wonderful journeys too. You taught me a lot about your world and the characters in it. What's more, you taught me about life itself. Sometimes the ending we want may not be the ending that is deserved and the same could be said for you. I'll miss you while your gone. You stayed just long enough to where I felt after all was said and done, I wasn't glad to see you go, but I was glad that it didn't get dragged out longer than it should. You also took me on so many twists and turns.

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