MapleRose's Jigoku Shoujo Tv Review

Rated: 6

The premise of the series is pretty neat and interesting. Each story takes a look at human nature, the injustices that exist in today's society, and our desire to take revenge even though it can't bring back what's already lost. Many people rely on Jigoku Tsushin and Jigoku Shoujo as a way out of their problems, even though in many instances the problem could be resolved by talking it over or by other means without having to condemn your soul to Hell. The crimes of the victims going to Hell varies, some deserve it more than others (and I admit it's very satisfying to see those who have it coming get their due). Whether Jigoku Shoujo is right or not in what she's doing is up to the viewer to decide.

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Tsunoh's Jigoku Shoujo Tv Review

Rated: 6

unfortunately, by the second episode it was already getting on my nerves. The same process over and over again, like a 'monster of the week' thing, except it was 'victim of the week'. bah.

also, it is clear who is the 'good guy, bad guy'. this anime is tagged as 'Psychological', but it isn't. It tells you what to think, it tells you who to side with. To be rated PSC, an anime must require DEEP thought. want a sample, try death note. you will be toyed with like a piece of string- now THAT is psychological. psychology is also used in Gundam Seed, where it is not clear what is right or wrong. meaning you can't go brain-dead and float off in the middle of the episode. be forced to think for yourself.

what annoyed me the most was how they handled character development.

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Falan's Jigoku Shoujo Tv Review

Rated: 8

The consequences of selling your soul to the devil is a concept that's been used and abused over time. However, this time there's no tricks, double meanings, implications, or fine print. The caller of the Jigoku Shoujo is told outright what awaits them should they make a contract with Ai, and even given a glimpse of hell so the decision isn't taken lightly. Fully understanding the consequences, they choose to make a contract anyway.

This series is not for everyone though. Some will find themselves uncomfortable with being confronted with the question of whether revenge can be justified or not. Some simply will grow impatient with the extremely slow pacing of the series. However, for others those factors will make this an instant favorite.

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Rosegirl18's Jigoku Shoujo Tv Review

Rated: 8

Strangely enough, Jigoku Shoujo happens to be one of my most favoite anime series. In its short form of 26 episodes, it is able to hold so much anguish and human hatred. If Jigoku Shoujo had to have a specific main flaw, I would say that the flaw would be the series itself, but Jigoku Shoujo makes things possible. This series didn't have bishounen, bishoujo, fanservice, or romance, or even humor. Some inner stories are so disturbing that you want to stop watching it. But the one thing that pulled me towards it was its realism. It is true that it is impossible for a website like Jigoku Tsushin to exist. But while I was watching these suffering people, I realized how true and possible these situations and people were, and that if I were in their shoes, I would have done the same thing.

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Shinsengumi's Jigoku Shoujo Tv Review

Rated: 7

As mentioned previously, Jigoku Shoujo has a very clever and original premise that it relies heavily upon. Unfortunately, overuse of this single concept makes the series tend towards what is essentially repetition, one of the two major complaints with the series. While this may be intentional, to add an added philosophical or religious aspect to the series, the consistent plot formula (albeit with occasional wrinkles tossed in) and recycled clips do eventually wear away at the great potential of the series. With the gradual inclusion of a unifying storyline, the plot is beginning to pick up and thus this weakness is starting to be alleviated, and therefore it is likely that in the remaining episodes the series will pick up and fully capitalize on its potential.

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