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Sakura-Kuro-Hime's Ikkitousen Tv Review


Rated: 8

This story line was completely original, (unless you call taking from history copying). It was based on the same events of the game Romance of the Three Kingdoms which I have yet to play. This much humor in it, mostly sexual innuendo or characters being placed in uncomfortable situations. I, myself, was extremely disappointed to see it go by so fast, for at the time i was watching every episode as fast as I can. There are 13 episodes which was a complete let down, though I supposed there was not much to indulge on. I found it enjoyable to watch and found much excitement in the fights of the higher up ranks, such as Kanu against Hakufu and Ukitsu against Hakufu.

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Missdeep's Ikkitousen Tv Review


Rated: 6

Not a particularly funny/original/intelligent/exciting/etc. series, but one that can be enjoyed nevertheless if one is simply in the mood for a bit of fanservice and fighting fun. Ikkitousen isn't ground-breaking but it does have some interesting aspects. Not the best thing in the world, though certainly not the worst.

I would probably recommend the original manga over the anime adaptation to those interested in the series because the manga gives a lot more depth to the driving plotline and the fights are far better illustrated. The "Battle Vixens" manga adaptation by Tokyopop however is very different in written form to the original so I probably would steer clear.

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Murrowboy's Ikkitousen Tv Review


Rated: 10

What can I say? Fanservice, fanservice, fansurvice.. I really can't say much else.. But like I mentioned above in storyline.. I didn't see this anime for plot.. It's a fanservie anime and it does it better then any other anime.... Even tenge tenga.. I hate it when they get compared really... how can a 3 kingdoms storyline compare with... god knows what TT's storyline is??.. just because there are chicks that fight... Anyway.. There's alot of panty shots in this anime as for 1 minute of watching it, you'll notice it is abundonly obvoius.. The chicks are totally hot, why not panty shots? I wouldn't want them to dress up would I? It's really obvious also WHEN their skirts fly up.. It's usually during big movements like kicks or knockdowns.

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