ChunkySkillz's Hunter x Hunter Tv Review

Hunter x Hunter

Rated: 7

Presentation..., Hmmmmmmm............., I'll give 8 for presentation , pretty high ya. It is because I like this anime ^_^, If you like genre anime, drama, humour, and action, this is the one for you. I tried to find the game using google search, and I can only find "Hunter X Hunter: Maboroshi no Greed Island " for PS Console..., seems like it is not released in SE Asia yet....., probably it wont, the reviews of the game is also very rare, so I think the game should be kinda boring..... for those who have played this game, I would appreciate it if you would send me the review, hehehe. As you all know its highly doubtful if Konami of America will ever publish an English version of this game

The anime is very interesting though.

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Fallenfate's Hunter x Hunter Tv Review

Hunter x Hunter

Rated: 8

like is said.
this is NOT a complex anime to watch.
has all your factors needed to enjoy for a good half and hour per episode.
entertainment on the humour side. provided by the banter between the 4 main characters...
especially enjoyed the whole kurapica and leorio moment in their room...and the little i'm-better-than-you things between the characters too. just goofy sometimes.
um, next factor. originality of the storyline.
i'd say yes.
nen is a new thing to me.
they present it in differnt forms and new ways to use it.
differnt characters have different abilites and so have different usues and forms of the nen...
fun to watch.
action is there too.
sometimes the action scenes drag out a BIT too long..
but when the action is there..

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