Drakonshie's Hikaru no Go Tv Review

Hikaru no Go

Rated: 8

At 75 episodes, HNG starts out at a steady pace, accelerates in some areas, but drags towards the end. An additional 3 'special' episodes are also part of the anime. Of the three:
- one was a condensed version of the first dozen episodes
- one was a different version of episode 64
- one takes place after the 75th episode and continues the story
In short, the first two weren't really worth watching. The third did not advance the plot as far as I had hoped. I felt the 75th episode provided a better, more reasonable ending than that of the third special.

What HNG does well is developing side characters. For certain minor characters, we are able to understand their motivations and ambitions of playing Go.

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AndRox' Hikaru no Go Tv Review

Hikaru no Go

Rated: 9

Well what I like about the presentation of Hikaru no Go is the last part of the episode where there is a host teaching you how to play Go. This was very educational and so each episode teaches a move or a principle which was watched during Hikaru no Go. So for example in one episode, Shindou does a cool move in Go. At the end of the episode, the host teaches the move that Shindou done previously during the episode. This, I found very interesting.
Now the enjoyable parts of Hikaru no Go is the actually playing of Go. Each time two people verus in Go during the episode, it just gets too intense and very exciting. It will make you not leave your seat. Each move is fully emphasised by the music and the visual. It is just that good.
And finally, its originality is kept in place.

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Ithinkimmeeh's Hikaru no Go Tv Review

Hikaru no Go

Rated: 9

Out of all mangas, I have some favorites, and Hikaru no Go ranks up there. If you question my tastes, my favorites (manga) are ranma 1/2, naruto, rurouni kenshin, I's, and love hina to a lesser extent. The anime is pretty darn good, but it does not rank as my favorites. However, regardless of my preference, aesthetically speaking, Hikaru no Go is pretty damn good. Its pretty original (though all the games played are actually pro games recreated), and very humurous. Its not that kind of slapstick humor like ranma is, but more like the half-serious half-goofy style that naruto seems to be. I find that the replay value of this anime/manga is very high, I find myself going back and reading my favorite battles (games) over and over.

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