Lkjhgfdsa's Haibane Renmei Tv Review

Haibane Renmei

Rated: 8

They are enough therefore brief sequences to arouse the desire to see at least an episode and so much of it enough to be captured by the characters and by the questions that from immediately Haibane Renmei it is able to inspire. But the answers are given with the dropper, while a lot of attention is set on the psychological characterization of the protagonists, that episode later purchases more and more thickness. They are shown while they are interacting with the town that entertains them and while they are developing their job. Meanwhile the new-born protagonist, at first frightened and disorientated, she takes confidence with this new reality.

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Bergkatze's Haibane Renmei Tv Review

Haibane Renmei

Rated: 9

The series is pretty short and because it has a very well told story, very likeable caracters (and basically no action at all) it can be shown to a very broad range of people. The characters can be understood fairly easily. My family usually won´t enjoy Anime, but they did enjoy this one and watched it to the end. Animation as well as Sound match, as i said, the story very well. Also neither of these capture the attention away from the most important parts. It is a series that can be seen more than once in my opinion, for there are many things to see, even if it seen for the second or third time. Every episode makes sense. There is none one would consider to be misplaced or thinks it to be misplaced. The voice actors are very well chosen and do their job very good .

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