Sylverrain's Gungrave Tv Review


Rated: 7

Again I stress on the lack of a good quality dvd. The set I bought was BAD and the subtitles were SO messed up that they could misspell Balladbird to Ballbard or Ballerdbar and halfway through one episode who the HELL was JoYcE?? Or JoLicE..? Whatever. And the grammar oh Lord HELP me. Then there was this scene where it was black and something was happening at it was supposed to be something dramatic and sad and I couldn't see a damn thing because the whole thing was BLACK. It'll be hard to decide whether the presentation is good or not, since I haven't really got the original source to base my opinions upon. So I'm giving it a five for now.

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Cal-reflector's Gungrave Tv Review


Rated: 9

Perhaps the most controversial thing about Gungrave--aside from how little publicity it has recieved-- is its structure. Whenever I recommend this show to others, I invariably advise to put aside their judgements until after the second episode, for the first episode is completely misleading, and takes place, chronologically, well after the meat of the story has happened. The confusion that arises from the time jumps in the story-telling is evident in the amount of questions raised towards this matter by viewers on forums. This however does not pose a serious problem when compared to the overwhelming merits of the show.

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Exequy's Gungrave Tv Review


Rated: 10

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an anime whose presentation is better than Gungrave’s (there are a few out there. Just not that many). The very selection of the genre was a nice change from all the swords and sorcery stuff I was used to; Gungrave’s presentation is like a hybrid of Hellsing, Devil May Cry, and Cowboy Bebop with a resurrection factor... needless to say it’s similar, yet different. In fact, I found the presentation better than the award-winning Bebop saga (and that includes the movie); Red presented the anime in a way that it appeals to more than just action buffs. And as for Gungrave’s value, I’ll let the anime speak for itself.

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