MapleRose's Full Moon wo Sagashite Tv Review

Full Moon wo Sagashite

Rated: 7

Overall it was a cute shoujo series, with a bit of sadness and inspiration. The balance between seriousness, emotional moments, and humour is pretty good. The characters are pretty likable, though they do get annoying at times.

The biggest downside to this series I think is its length. I don't think it needs 52 episodes to tell the story. I think they can get it done in 26 just fine, by cutting out a lot of unneccessary material and focusing on the important stuff. By having it so long, the pace gets pretty slow in the middle (not that it isn't slow to begin with), and a lot of themes get really repetitive.

Also, I don't think the story-telling and the style lived up to its full potential.

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Flyindreams' Full Moon wo Sagashite Tv And Manga Review

Full Moon wo Sagashite

Rated: 7

The manga made for a very enjoyable and compelling read... probably one of my favorites to date. The engaging plot grabbed my attention from beginning to end and Arina Tanemura did an excellent job of working the characters and tying up all the loose ends. Arina Tanemura definitely takes the readers on an emotional rollercoaster ride with this series in a way that's rather reminiscent of Kodomo no Omocha (manga). If you're looking for a sweet shoujo series that deals with more than the usual shoujo themes and will make you think (and maybe make you cry), you'll probably really enjoy this manga.

I found the anime on the other hand to be completely overrated.

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Spiritus' Full Moon wo Sagashite Tv Review

Full Moon wo Sagashite

Rated: 9

The anime is very enjoyable with bits and pieces of humor littered throughout the show. The humour between characters is very funny to watch and provides this anime with a "happy" feel. The story's concept is very clear by the end of the series, making a very good impression on the viewer. The conversations between characters are very realistic and usually tell important plot points. The concerts of the main character are beautiful and enjoyable to watch, even the audience's expression is captured in the scene. The anime starts of with a very unique message to "keep a suitable distance from the TV", one that many would find amusing. There is also a re-cap of the story so far before every episode begins, eliminating the need for flashback scenes in the anime itself.

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Ender85's Full Moon wo Sagashite Tv Review

Full Moon wo Sagashite

Rated: 9

Full Moon wo Sagashite is a great story and I recommend everyone watch it. I enjoyed it and I still listen to the songs. It is tedious in the beginning, but you'll be glad you endured it if you watch it through to the end. It is unique in its balance of playfulness and the seriousness of the issues it raises. The first half lets you get to know the characters, then the second half dumps a bucket of ice water on your head as the characters face increasingly serious problems.

The result of this is set up is a situation where you want Mitsuki to fulfill her dream. You want a happy ending, and you want to know what’s going to happen. This is a series where you can watch knowing they are trying to manipulate you, and it works anyway.

For myself, I still listen to the songs.

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Cyberstorm's Full Moon wo Sagashite Tv Review

Full Moon wo Sagashite

Rated: 8

The story of Full Moon wo Sagashite is very well written, while the first season it is mostly comedy and happy moments, but still with some sad and powerful moments, the second season is the exact opposite, it relies mostly on drama and powerful moments with occasional comedy and happy moments. Actually that's why she sings; because she wants to meet Eichi-kun again...
That fact disturbed me at first and that all the talk about this Eichi-kun was getting on my nerves, luckily I wasn’t alone, the shinigami Takuto also found it rather disturbing and often pointed that out to her.

There are some basic elements that exist in all anime but they are so originally executed so you won’t even notice it as something you’ve seen before.

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Pinkdoremi's Full Moon wo Sagashite Tv Review

Full Moon wo Sagashite

Rated: 9

Originality... this anime's full of it! ^o^ Normally, you think that 'musical' anime would just be a about a person wanting to become a singer, he/she seeks a rival.. Oh no! I think I wanna quit my music career! Then they finds encouragement... becomes a great singer... the end. -_-' Well in Full Moon wo Sagashite, it may have some of those concepts, but there are definitely much more than just seeking a rival and wanting to quite ^__^~ You'll understand what I mean after you watch the show :)

The humor of this anime may not make you laugh like crazy, however they could be memorable moments that would make you go 'Awww...

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