Ezekiel's Full Metal Panic! Tv Review

Full Metal Panic!

Rated: 8

Do we have a long history of shows like this? No, not that I know of. Even though its elements are simple in their strength, I'm also pleased to report the originality that they sport. The central commodity of the show (The Whispered) is a completely fly concept which I don't think I've seen anything quite like- and it's a fantastic chance to show off the eye candy which Gonzo is somewhat notorious for. Sure, you might complain that some of the characters are stereotypical, but I would dispute that. They're not stereotypes. If you saw one of them in a dark room, you could <i>mistake</i> them for a stereotype, but the main purpose of some of the common anime stereotypes (Excessively violent and tomboyish? Chidori?) are to be funny. And they are.

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Friedricebomber's Full Metal Panic! Tv Review

Full Metal Panic!

Rated: 9

As I stated before, this is what makes up for the average story of FMP!. The presentation. This anime altogther gives a lot of enjoyment to watching it. The character's are all great, and every character is endearing. FMP! does a very good job in mixing in comedic humor with lots of action, even with a little romance and drama sprinkled in. It is hilarious to see Sousuke antics as he tries to live out everyday life as a normal person. The romance between Sousuke and Kaname is nice to see progress as Kaname slowly admires Sousuke. There is also a hint of romance with Melissa Mao and Kurtz which is also nice. There is enough mecha and gun action to give satisfaction to most action buffs. The characters are all great in fitting each of their roles.

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