SnickerdoodleNinja's Final Fantasy XIII Game Review

Final Fantasy XIII

Rated: 5

When I beat Final Fantasy 13, I had two major complaints: length and linearity. Luckily for me, Final Fantasy 13-2 fixed both of these problems. With a length that varies greatly depending on how many optional quests you want to complete, the game can be as long or as short as you want it to be. As for linearity, well, the game tries so hard not to be linear that it almost seems as if it’s trying to be a rebellious child. No longer bound by a single pathway with short branches only for treasures, 13-2 allows the player to circumvent transition areas by eliminating a world map and replacing it with a timeline of settings’ leaving you to decide when and where you want.

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Distortion's Final Fantasy XIII Game Review

Final Fantasy XIII

Rated: 4

I can praise this game for it's battle system and I can reprimand it for it as well. As good as the system is it also falls flat. I don't mind that the makers are trying to make Final Fantasy more action orientated, but an enemy can attack while I am trying to move through a nightmare of menus to pick my attacks, and once you realize that it's almost worthless to pick attacks and just mash the auto attack button, why am I even required in this equation for battle?

The paradigm system is an interesting system but ultimately means any character can do anything and be anyone at anytime.

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Z827's Final Fantasy XIII Game Review

Final Fantasy XIII

Rated: 7

= This is a Review of Final Fantasy XIII =
To be fair , Final Fantasy XIII have a form of gameplay that differs greatly from that of the previous franchises.
Whilst retaining the original formula , it requires more active thinking and strategizing from the player , whilst messy and annoying at first , it would soon grow onto you as you grow used to it and that in itself is a form of beauty that this game has to offer.

But the beauty of this game , the music , the gameplay and the graphics , are marred by the linearity of this game , the poorly developed characters and the fact that the story has failed to excel nor amaze as it was expected to have done so.

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