SplinterCell's Final Fantasy VII Game Review

Rated: 8

Over all this gave was very impressive for its time and maybe the minimal in standards for today's society but still very enjoyable experience. The game play was awesome, the characters were likable and gave you a feeling for them, the story was intriguing and puzzling at times, and the sound was astounding. Just thinking of this game makes me want to play it right now and bust out an Omnislash. For its time the game was a burst of new for the series. Breaking away from traditional sprites into full 3D. Of course this game isn't for everybody. Action seekers will be bored of the battles after awhile, where as RPG lovers will be hooked for hours just leveling up their character. Challenging side missions just add-on to the game play. Overall a great game in a great series.

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AtmaCashino's Final Fantasy VII Tv Review

Rated: 10

This games "Materia" system is the most innovative system of the Final Fantasy's. Some combinations are simple, like "All" with "Cure" for "Cure-All." Others are more complicated, such as putting Final Attack-Revive, Counter-Cure lvl. 3, Mega All to cast revive when fatal strike hits, cast cure when attacked, which then affects the entire party. There are hundreds upon thousands upon millions of combinations and experimenting to find the good ones. Some combinations are cheap, others are necessary.

Some of the jokes get weird. There is a place early in the game, called the "Wall Market,"
where there are a lot of homosexual weirdos and tons of sexually-slanted jokes.

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Rusty15's Final Fantasy VII Tv Review

Rated: 10

If you haven’t played a Final Fantasy game before then this is a perfect starting position. It’s where I started off and I was immediately hooked from this game and onwards. Put quite simply, FFVII is one of the greatest video games ever made. Don’t believe me? Go play it. Don’t let the site of the character models put you off either, this is an old game now after all.

The story will keep you glued to playing it through from start to finish and even after you beat it, there are absolutely tons of extras to do. It really is quite extraordinary how huge this game is. You’ll become attached to the characters and will want to see the game through to its end to see what will happen to the characters, the story and the planet.

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Blueice's Final Fantasy VII Tv Review

Rated: 9

FinalFantasy7 playability is off the limits it would keep gamers hooked for along time just to see what happens in the story i mean you will enjoy every last moment of it like the time Cloud uses a motorcycle to ecsape shinracorp or no spoilers but when the time a very special character dies (not saying who) this makes you want to kill Sephiroth and his cursed masamune blade.Finalfantasy has some bad things about it though like the enemy encounters. they are just to quick soon as you take a step boom your in a fight,another thing was the enemy difficluty the fighting just seemed to easy for an rpg(role,playing,game) i mean u can just keep making your party attack the fiends without little effort somethimes the put up a challenge but most of the time they dont.

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