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Z827's Fate/stay night Tv Review

Fate/stay night

Rated: 8

This is a Review of Fate Stay Night : Unlimited Blade Works

Truth be told , this is really just meant for the old fans and directed at the ones who had actually played the Visual Novel for it is...well , a general summary of the original Unlimited Blade Works story , purely a sum-up of the route.
It is hard for new fans to enjoy this fully since the story arrangement is a bit messed up due to the Movie time limit but everything is made up by the artwork , the awesome battle scenes and how this Movie proves to all that Emiya Shirou is not a spineless wimp....hey , did I just say that?
Anyways , I heavily recommend the Movie solely to those who had played the Visual Novel. You would only ruin the experience by watching it before understanding the plot.

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Z827's Fate/stay night Game Review

Fate/stay night

Rated: 8

This is a Review of Fate/Stay Night ~Realta Nua~ :
The Visual Novel was indeed a splendid art of work. Though it's artwork and romance factor might be overwhelmed by other Visual Novels , the concept and storyline is certainly one of the best.
The producers had also added visual effects and sound effects at some scenes , as well as voice acting for most of the conversations in the game , which makes the scenes relatively more interesting.
Though relatively dry at first , it is interesting to see how the story can potentially branch into three general storylines , each with their own traits and each as unique as the characters in the game itself.

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Shoujoboy's Fate/stay night Tv Review

Fate/stay night

Rated: 9

When this show finished releasing on the internet I was seeing buzz that it wasn't up to Type-Moon par. My thought was that was quite possible when it's "par" was Tsukihime. But I must say after finishing Fate/Stay Night I find that it exceeded its predecessor in many areas including the most important thing, enjoyability. The plot was simple yet fun to see unfold. You can easily empathize with many of the characters and seeing their interaction is pure entertainment. Ear and eye candy all around to boot. There really wasn't much more that this show could have done to be any more entertaining than it was. In fact if there isn't more done with this property I will be sorely disappointed. I am even hoping that the game can catch a license, although that seems highly unlikely.

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Question's Fate/stay night Tv Review

Fate/stay night

Rated: 8

Although they left out some plot points from the game, they did an overall good job of integrating 3 route's storylines into the anime storyline. The way they artistically hinted at Archer's true identity was impressive, they didnt want it to focus on Archer as it wasnt his storyline, but they gave enough hints so that someone could figure it out if they paid attention to the show and thought about it for a while. The storyline flows nicely and concludes with a sastifactory, if very sad ending. One cant help but keep watching to find out about Shirou's progress in the war until its conclusion.

Humour is there, and is very good. Fuji-nee is the clusmy sensei and makes a very good comic relief character, and in the later part of the show Illya has some of her moments.

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Nolove's Fate/stay night Tv Review

Fate/stay night

Rated: 7

Because I have never played this game before, so I have no idea what kind of H-game it is. However, according to what I've known, the story line is just a small piece of the real game Fate. Each character's identity was not very clear; therefore it is very simple for game player. Sometime, this game can also be too enigmatic for normal watcher because there were very few details about servant's true identity, how they used to live, and why they became servant, or what happened in the first and second war. In addition, the relationship between Sakura and Rin still remained mysterious even till the end of the anime, Saber's identity was just fragments through her dream and many more.

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Maikusama's Fate/stay night Tv Review

Fate/stay night

Rated: 8

Though the conclusion of the anime was quite predictable, I did enjoy watching the series. The action was what kept me hooked. Again, being based off a H-game there wasn't really anything too great expected, however for those of you who stopped watching Naruto and/or Bleach due to fillers, you can choose to pick up this series to help cope with the missing action from your viewing library for the time being.

The anime itself was not strictly all action, there were parts of humor, parts that were saddening, and parts where only dialogue was very intruiging. In the end, I'm sure those who start and finish the series will be fairly impressed with the final product. There was always something happening each episode and at the end kept me wanting to watch the next one as soon as I could.

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Stormy001's Fate/stay night Tv Review

Fate/stay night

Rated: 8

Some characters specialized in niche area of the story.

Fujimura seems to control the slapstick comedy aspect whereas Rin 's role is sacrastic humor department, does liven up the otherwise a dark story. Saber was more like non-chalant humor generator.

The concept is slow build up to an epic ending as the gamestory does showing how Shirou tribulations before he become a true hero in protecting people that he loves. Thus the numerous discussion or talky scenes is essential in creating plot devices to push the story forward.

The anime seems to alternate between discussion phase and brief if spirited action sequence. The anime makers is trying to strike a balance between these to address the complexity of the story.

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