Ephemeral-Garden's Eureka 7 Tv Review

Eureka 7

Rated: 7

The first impression of watching this anime, I was like "Wao, this is so cool! Surfing is cool! Holland is cool! Damn!"

Eureka seveN is pretty cool. The concept of reffing is good. I really like watching how Holland and Renton handle their own LFOs performing tricks and evading attacks so skillfully just by using a single board. I bet Tarzan gliding through the branches must have come from surfing. The art department comes out pretty strong in overall, music comes second. Oh, and one more thing, the character designs are pretty deceiving if you realise that. I've always thought Moondoggie and Holland were cool people. And I was hugely surprised after seeing their real selves in Gekko-go.

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OmniSketch's Eureka 7 Tv Review

Eureka 7

Rated: 9

Overall the presentation of Eureka Seven comes off as a well polished and well voiced anime that has unfortunately slipped under the radar of many potential fans out there. Either not having the time or the advertisement to gather sufficient hype, the series has suffered from a lack of viewers so far.

The overall lack of presence is unfortunate as the appreciation factor of the series only rises as it progresses further and even has a small replay value as many a plot quirk and hidden Easter eggs are only seen upon the second viewing which only allows a viewer to appreciate the well thought out story even more and laugh at jokes missed the first time around.

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Chuayw2000's Eureka 7 Tv Review

Eureka 7

Rated: 9

It's definitely enjoyable to watch the series. The excitement it builds up during climatic scenes makes you want to watch on. The questions you have with the storyline makes you want to watch on. You will be coming up with theories of your own when you have an unanswered question. On a lighter note, when the characters are more relaxed, the scenes are usually humorous and will definitely invite lots of laughter.

The story begins with the usual explosive beginning which brings us some questions. For the first part of the series, the main storyline is generally put aside though parts of it is leaked out little by little while we get the humour and laughter as character development takes place. It basically tells us something about each character.

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