Liung's Erementar Gerad Tv Review

Erementar Gerad

Rated: 9

To me, Elemental Gelade was inspiring. When I decided to cosplay for the very first time I didn't hesitate in choosing Ren. Because I just loved it that much. Sadly it's not very well known... But it should be. There's fighting, action and pirates for the shonen lovers out there; romance and touching themes for the shoujo lovers; younger audiences would find it simple and pure enough to understand while older audiences would find the issues and concepts complex enough to hold them.

Belonging, friendship, equality, morality, loyalty, all these and more are addressed in this beautiful anime. Personally, it's all I've ever wanted in a story. I've seen better humour. I've seen better romance. I've seen better fantasy. I've seen better action.

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Earthguardian's Erementar Gerad Tv Review

Erementar Gerad

Rated: 7

Like I said this show is pretty darn cliched. It uses the age old elements of main heroine kidnapping, love and friendship, moon tiara action (oh wait...scratch that last one). The humor gets you laughing a little but you really don't get much of it except from Cisqua. Keau tries but her "I'M HUNGRY!" lines get old very fast. I will say this about Eremental Gerad. Every episode is very nicely laid out. There is never too much or too little in an episode and there are practically NO fillers. The show keeps an excellent pace until the very end. You'll find that you watch this series and you can't help but think it was cute. Unfortunately it's not one of those series you'll be watching over and over again (in my personal opinion, mind you).

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Hasaki-Keissi's Erementar Gerad Tv Review

Erementar Gerad

Rated: 10

The presentation, a very smooth transition from aspects of the story, but also changes pace to fit the "mood of the moment." Which, is also a very nice touch.

The whole of the anime, is presented rather well. Leaving all the pieces in front of the viewer and allowing the reader to slowly piece together what will likely happen next. It's almost like a good mystery story, in it's use of that device.

Though the anime seems like a typical anime in the fact that it seems to have time skips, as I call them. It never really skips that much time. Taking place in the span of a few weeks (In the prospective of the characters.), a nice touch that really helped me.

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Kori's Erementar Gerad Tv Review

Erementar Gerad

Rated: 9

Overall, Erementar Gerad is an anime which I enjoyed watching very much. The humour found in it will surely make you laugh. They're both original and light-hearted, but as the show progresses, it's toned down to give room for more serious matter. The first episode started off well, although it didn't give you a "Wow!"-feeling, and most episodes leave you in a cliff-hanger, making you want to continue with next episode. If you want an anime with lots of humour, action and a typical love story, then Erementar Gerad is one to recommend.

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G-money's Erementar Gerad Tv Review

Erementar Gerad

Rated: 9

The struggle for the recognition of Eden-raids and even sting-raids is portrayed brilliantly in the series. That one particular aspect of the series has made me rewatch the series 3 times within 2 months - I even had one hour of sleep just to complete it. Some episodes seemed to drag a little, but they were still enjoyable in the end because it made up the series. The fight with the singer Eden-raid is somewhat an example of the "filler" type episode, but what it really does is that it introduces the main antagonist in the series, the Chaos Choir. All the tears and emotions seen in the anime are really realistic that it tugs at my heartstrings - very real even though the series is purely fantasy, especially the love triangle between Coud, Ren, and Viro: I love them all.

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