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Weskalia's Dynasty Warriors Game Review

Rated: 8

All this criticism of DW7's sameness is not to say that it's a bad game. Quite the contrary. The gameplay is solid, the graphics are fine by PS3/Xbox360 standards, and the storyline is well written. However, even calling DW7 an evolutionary game is a bit of a stretch - the core gameplay is basically identical to that of its predecessors, and though the menus and artwork have changed and a few new features have been added, the casual gamer would likely be hard-pressed to guess which Dynasty Warriors game this is after observing a random battle scene for a couple of minutes.

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Devilslyric's Dynasty Warriors Tv Review

Rated: 9

The one problem with Dynasty Warriors is the monotony; there are plenty of people who can't stand slashing at enemies over and over again. However, for those of you who, like myself, loved those old, simple beat-em-up side-scroller games, Dynasty Warriors is just the ultimate evolution of the beat-em-up genre. There is so much replay value for those who enjoy it, and so many characters, weapons and stages to unlock. And that's only for story mode; there are still the mini-games that they create for every DW installment. And, like I said before, the best part of DW is it's rich story. You can't escape from learning some neat history every time you play a stage, and if you're like me, you'll end up really attached to some of these historical figures and be dying to learn more.

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