Limefreak's Disgaea Tv Review


Rated: 8

Humor and Fun of Disgaea Hour of Darkness:

There was alot of humor and funny things about Disgaea.
One-The Prinnies saying Dude after every sentence they said.
Two-Someone takes a pic of Laharl while changing and photocopies it all over the Netherworld and threatens to post even more unless he fights him/her.
Three-Gordan and Jennifer are the funniest looking heros i've ever seen but they have this funny robot named Thursday and he's always saying Blip Bleep Blip after he says what he wants.There are also these demons that try to flirt with Laharl and he get's all freaked out by them and get's poisoned by them!!!!!!!! It was really funny you had to play it to know what i mean.

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Yodelforcookie's Disgaea Tv Review


Rated: 7

Disgaea itself is an SRPG, or a strategy role-playing game. The basis of combat is turn-based, pitting characters upon panels on a map. On your phase, you may deploy up to 9 characters from your base panel and move them as they wish.
Character creation is very original and works well, the idea of really "Creating" your character via the dark assembly.
The dark assembly is also another great game feature, giving you slowly the power to manipulate the politics of the underworld.
Item world also gave another fine edge to Disgaea, a way to level up your items and make them more powerful, as well as get "residents" that raise certain parameters of weapons to further empower them.
I've already stressed the humor of the game.

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Sythe's Disgaea Tv Review


Rated: 8

I really enjoyed this game because Im a lover of good games. I guess some may think the game is bad, but you cannot begin to judge a game when you haven't even really played it. I liked this game a lot because of it's style of Anime, it's sense of humor, and the fact you can get to level 9999 and have well over 10,000,000 hp. This game is a classic to me but it might not be to some others. So if you aren't a true Rpg player you shouldn't get this game.
This game is a very addicting game with many different endings. If you don't like it, go tell it to your mom. Everyone else, welcome to the family. This game is quite Awesome with enough story to make you laugh will you cry. Maybe not cry but you get the point.

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