Slsfavanime's Detective Conan Tv Review

Detective Conan

Rated: 8

I find it hard to look for the VCD or DVD of this 5th movie. I have 1 copy from my friend but i just worried that i watched it too often that i will spoil... So i was really hoping to look for a new one. Em... to tell the truth, i almost watch it for 10 times... (Crazy!) Ok but u should not missed this movie if u r a Conan fans. And for those who love detective story. Compare to the first few movie, this one is better in the case of story plot... Well for those who love KID will of cos choose 3rd movie. For the 1st movie i can say its the most romantic story and 2nd movie is more like a who's-next-to-die, the 3rd one is of cos dedicated for KID and 4th is for Ran n Shinichi! I have watch till the 8th movie. The 6th is for Conan to meet his idol (Holmes).

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