Necro-sop's Dead or Alive Game Review

Rated: 9

I can still remember the first day I got my very own Platinum Hits Edition of Dead Or Alive 3. I ripped off the plastic covering, opened up the case, gently removed the disc from the case and popped it into the Xbox. I was immediately stunned by how clean and detailed the graphics of this game was. The animations, the sound effects, the soundtrack, they were all so perfectly synchronized with each other. All the highlights of the DOA series' latest features were so nicely rendered.

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Cygnuslover78's Dead or Alive Tv Review

Rated: 6

The Dead or Alive series has always presented itself as a graphically beautiful game, which is a real treat for the eyes. That's the big focus. If you're able to accept this, then you'll easily be able to ignore the fact that game-play itself doesn't have much to offer. Keep in mind that this if a fighting game. Usually the premise of fighting games is to beat each other up until the one left standing is the winner. Granted, there are various modes to play in order to enjoy the game (for example, Story mode, Survival, etc.), but the premise is still the same: beat the crap out of each other and survive in order to win.

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Smiz's Dead or Alive Tv Review

Rated: 9

i like this game. this is my favorite game too. i have that game. I play it almost every time. The story is nice. i can probably feel the story like I am in it. everytime when you play a game you should act like you are in the story or maybe be a charactor in the story because you are the one playing it. You are the one controling the charactor. If the game hass a nice story then the game is good. with good conflict makes it even bettter. I can see that Dead Or alive is good now. and i know some people will like the game just like I do.i gave the story a 8 because of perfect story. I will not like a game with a boring beginning and boring ending.

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BatosaiRyu's Dead or Alive Tv Review

Rated: 9

Presentation was great. The graphics are just awsome and utilzes the Xbox's hardware to its fullest. Some of the costumes are funny and odd. So there is a bit of humor in Dead or Alive. With DOA: Ultimate, it is awsome that it runs so smooth online. I like how they designed this arcade mode feel that one would get when at the real arcades. Two people play and the others watch when in line to take on the winner. This is one of the online feartures that Ultimate brings. This may be enjoyable to watch for some. Others may not like it because they do not want to wait. I think that it is a great way to bring the atmosphere of the arcades to Xbox Live.

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