Psy295's Da Capo Tv Review

Da Capo

Rated: 8

The main highlight is the uniqueness of the endings of each episode, where they conclude each episode really nicely. However, the overall mood of the story shifts in the middle of the story so dramatically that it is a little unsettling, and just feels weird. The music and animation of the series also changes very quickly, with no real softening affect on the transition, they help set the mood, just not that movement of the feelings. The series was fun to watch, but the ending was too different from the rest of the series.. so the situations felt a little too strange.

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Nismosis' Da Capo Tv Review

Da Capo

Rated: 7

The blended presentation of Da Capo is that of one with it's positives and negatives. The artwork, voicing, and humor are all positive traits of the series that excel at a nominal rate. However, the mediocre music, lack of story development, and somewhat confused focus all serve to counteract against the series. For one that is looking for a high-school anime with some romantic humor, then Da Capo will provide generous entertainment. However, if one is looking for a high-school romance/comedy with a good story, then they may wish to turn towards other anime such as Shuffle! or ONE.

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks on Da Capo was the short episode length. Most of the episodes spanned over 15mins with a short 5min sidestory.

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Kouta84's Da Capo Tv Review

Da Capo

Rated: 8

about presentation rating i give 8 . same as anime SHUFFL! ^^ because i like this anime too ^^. if you like genre anime : drama , love romance , magic , slice of life ^^ this anime suit for you . i can give this rating nine too ^^v . you can palying this game too , if you like game and anime Da Capo . i playing this game on console Pc . the title of this game is "Da Capo", "Da Capo ~Summer Vacation~ . i just know that title game Da Capo . If you fans anime and game Da Capo , maybe you more know about this anime and game ^^ . this anime not have ecchi ^^ . i hope you enjoy and watch this game . And who palying this game , i hope you enjoy play this game ^^v , because i palying game Da Capo too :D.If you want to know about anime Da capo , you can visit for this anime official website .

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Tareren's Da Capo Tv Review

Da Capo

Rated: 5

As I have said earlier, in the story, there is no originality, but I do respect the originality shown in the ending of each episodes. Another original trait that Da Capo has is the 'side episode' that it slips in at the end of the episodes (not in every episodes). This will shows one of the female character, and how they are related to this guy who has a cat head/face (pretty weird indeed) or a scene of them with the cat-guy. I found this very useless, and boring, maybe except if you are a huge fan of any of the female characters.

Another thing that I would like to point out is how they try to put in the concept of 'magic' inside.

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