Kamuinoyume's D Gray-Man Tv And Manga Review

D Gray-Man

Rated: 7

Overall, I think the first part of the Manga that got turned into an Anime was bad. And I honestly like to praise the Animators for adding all the extra little piece of detail that made all those choppy chapters more entertaining. But I'd also like to scold them for their horrible fillers, because, given the source material (the Manga) and just how poorly paced and structured it was, and given how entertaining they managed to make the bits of the Manga that they animated, I can't help but wonder how did they managed to f**k up their own original stories so much...

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Patchy's D Gray-Man Tv And Manga Review

D Gray-Man

Rated: 8

The anime adaptation of the manga disappointed me, it felt as though all the peculiarities that made the D.Gray-Man manga unique were smoothed out for the anime. I guess anime is a watered down version of the manga so to speak, a reasonable initiative by the producers of the anime, as to open D.Gray-Man to a wider audience, otherwise it may have been too dark or gruesome for younger viewers.
Like most animes, I recommend reading the manga wherever possible. Nevertheless, D.Gray-Man the anime is a solid watch, there's plenty of action to be had and a little space to be bored as you learn about the world of the exorcists.

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