MegumiShimizu's Corpse Demon Manga Review

Corpse Demon

Rated: 9

The presentation was good in the manga however it was not the best in the anime adaptation.

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Weskalia's Corpse Demon Tv Review

Corpse Demon

Rated: 6

What makes Shiki a good but not sufficient series is the execution, literally the time jump. There's nothing wrong with that but it IS because of this method that by the epilogue, it's overloaded with plot holes: we all know what happened to the exorcist hag, but we like to see her last moments or why no one cares about her missing; according to Tatsumi, there are four jinrou, so what happened to the fourth?; the poor Tanaka family, but the epilogue never addressed how Akira survived; etc. The ending SERIOUSLY lacks a sense of closure, but since Shiki was based on the light novel and manga, I suppose those two are more detailed.

Another problem is the horror.

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