Aureawolf's Claymore Tv And Manga Review


Rated: 9

In my opinion, this is one of the most feminist stories ever (ironically, written by an extraordinary man). This are my appreciations about is. If should be any presentation, I think that the ending, "Danzai no hana", describes perfectly what's the core of Claymore:

My heart... is still locked in your memories.
My body... I search for one for I have none.
Today I will once again see someone somewhere shed tears,
And again it's my destiny to return nothing but a cold smile.
As I hold on to this fate that cannot be abandoned,
I am standing here right now....

(Translated version taken from animelyrics.

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Tarmade's Claymore Tv Review


Rated: 8

A factor that lures people into watching Claymore is it's highly gruesome and action packed fighting scenes. The blood and wounds are what that turns us on, as we have been deprieved of that when Hellsing ends. It makes a nice change and i do hope for more bloodshed.

Concept for story is well brought across. We know much about Clare and we understands all the situation she and Raki is going through. That is what makes a good anime.

The main reason why Claymore is so popular is because of it's well balanced gore and action scenes. None are over-done, and none are under-done. It certainly make us hunger for more, and let us think what may happen next.

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