Erkicman's Chobits Tv Review


Rated: 8

"A Cuter Version of Ghost-in-the-Shell"

This show is a bag of surprises. Most of the time, it's a cute, funny show, in an idealized environment, that really is designed to make the viewer happy. Then the series gets intellectually stimulating, showing the relationship between man and machine. Granted, with all the good stuff in there, one shouldn't forget that Ghost in the Shell is still the reigning authority of the Man-machine interface. But I was impressed.

I must say, though, that a guy who watches Chobits can't really mention to other guys that he watches Chobits. One has to see the whole series to understand. Just... keep it as a guilty pleasure.

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Purewish's Chobits Tv And Manga Review


Rated: 9

Overall i enjoyed it very much, it was very funny and the manga was beautiful to read. The meaning in the manga was put clearly but i don't think the meaning in the anime was put so clearly, either way, definatly one of my favourite animes.

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Athrun07's Chobits Tv Review


Rated: 8

Being the first series I saw on DVD, I’m left to compare it to downloaded fansubs, but it is really a nice job. The CGI elements aren’t as integrated as you would think would be possible in this day and age, but never really distracts. The breaks into children’s book stills are nicely-drawn as well, but rarely count as ‘animation’.

Although quite average, the females are very beautiful and the males are handsome. The thing that I enjoy about this anime is that the animation never gets sloppy. It stays consistant throughout the anime.

This anime has beautiful artwork and a sweet storyline.

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Sukie's Chobits Tv Review


Rated: 8

Finally, I think "Chobits" is a good anime. I can’t give it any more because, love and emotions don’t really go with me…I’m a morbid person…and Chobits is sad…but just too happy sometimes…I’m really sorry…but overall, I think is isn’t a MASTERPIECE. I have only seen 3 episodes so far, .

I think that over all, all mature teen can take this series…but it has some funny dirty jokes…YAB!!! [ex.

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Shijiroken's Chobits Tv Review


Rated: 8

This anime do really have the humour also have some sad events, but most of all, love story... I do really enjoy watching this anime.... it has a lot of laughing episodes and one suspense episodes... I also like the book chii is reading, because it do really connects the love story of chii and hideki and I find it cute that in this anime it has two kinds of story, the chii and hideki story and the story of.... (that's for you to find out) hehehe...
Ok, the enjoyability, well for me, I trully enjoy this anime from beginning ti'll the end, because of all the plots, the make different conflicts and solutions everytime so you wouldn't want to miss a single episode and if you did, you'll miss the whole process of solving the whole mystery of conflicts or worst, miss the whole story...

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Fhantum's Chobits Tv Review


Rated: 7

the presentation is exceptionally well, the story hooks you in right away, with all the un-answered misteries right when you end the first episode, you just have to watch more, and because it is so funny it makes you want to watch it even more, mind you, this anime is for people who like romance stuff, because it is most definetely a romance, i wouldent expect to see some harley biker watching this or something Oo, this show was very enjoyable to watch, it keeps you laughing throughout most of it, its just like a sitcom, in the fact that hideki gets trapped in all these inescapable situations and he has to freak his way out of them, lol there is almost no action in this show and by action i mean like... fight scenes etc.

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Jinnai's Chobits Tv Review


Rated: 6

Could have deepened itself more in the argument and some personages. His gags comedians are a little ingenus for a work of adults.Chobits is presented beautifully. Any normal person would fall in love with Chi by the end of the second episode (she's just so cute). Each character has a distinct personality, and they all feel different from each other. I swore that these were real people and not just animated characters. The characters are that good.
You action Dragonball Z freaks and mecha freaks may not enjoy this anime much at first, but just wait until around episode 20, when the mood of the series suddenly changes drastically. A story this well written would be very hard to pull off, but CLAMP did it without a glitch. Like I said before, though, action junkies may be a bit turned off.

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Cloudnine's Chobits Tv Review


Rated: 10

Chobits is no doubt one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had watching anime. Each episode grows increasingly better (minus the recap episodes). The animation is well drawn and consistent through the entire series. It's lighthearted comedy will capture your smile, it's sadder moments will tug at your heart. The mature themes will draw you in a deeper philosophical question of life, though it's not overly apparent to the normal viewing audience, the message is there for a more mature viewer to ponder, Still, Chobits stays as a simple and sweet love story that anyone can enjoy, newbies and veterans. The characters are down to earth and well designed.

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