Angelxxuan's Blood+ Tv Review


Rated: 8

This is my sixth review, after recently finishing it up while I found it online, I have a feeling I probably won't be bothering with buying this one. Sure I liked it, but after watching it again, I felt it was slightly boring in places. It was lacking things, the time jumps and time travels of past moments to present was confusing a few times for me. I do have to admit the angle of chiropteran and chevalier was most unique, it was fresh and new for it's time, but I felt the anime was possibly nearly too long, there were episodes that helped the plot along too much and a few fillers that could have been erased because it wasn't really all that important to the plot.

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Weskalia's Blood+ Tv Review


Rated: 9

From the creative concept, artwork and animation, to the soundtrack, there are a few could match Blood+. The problem with Blood+ certainly isn't entirely flawless. Indeed, it has its own problems. Considered a spiritual successor of Last Vampire, it's a tale of 50 lavishly episodes, all of which tells a very complex serial storyline, often entirely out of chronological order. It's a dark, haunting, slow, sometimes very confusing and intensely violent tale, one with a high barrier of entry, requiring your undivided attention.

However, if you are looking for deeper insight into the story of Last Vampire, a more complete story, or an alternate interpretation on the subject matter, then patiently watching this series of 50 episodes is definitely worthwhile.

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Cal-reflector's Blood+ Tv Review


Rated: 8

Blood+ succeeds in building viewer interest from the outset, in its references to real-world history and present issues (American in Vietnam and the Marine forces based in Okinawa) to its beautifuly rendered graphics. Numerous small details make the show fun to watch: For example, the weapons-of-choice for the portagonists are 1)A katana 2)A cello case, yes... a cello case 3)A .50 Caliber monster revolver that makes Vash's gun look puny and. We have a heroine who eats a quarter of her own weight every meal (happily, this does not affect her figure whatsoever), a guardian who I've taken to calling YoYo Ma because he plays a mean Cello on a whimsy, a odd but loving family, and a number of villains who look too nice to be sincerely evil.

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