Reikurosawa's Beyblade Tv Review

Rated: 9

I absolutely love that anime! It's a wonderful storyline, not only watching beyblade matches! Every character has an own story and every season is diefferent form the other. This is an anime that should be send in TV everyday, I'm really missing it...
The music makes really fun and its not that romantic or 08/15 cliché like in many other animes.
Beyblade has a very big target group. Even in high age it's still amusing to watch the anime.
Also it's fun to blade on your own! (I wish I would have such a blade...

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Satan123's Beyblade Tv Review

Rated: 1

Bad, bad presentation, or the worst. Seems ridiculous to call a beast out of a spinning top ( can i just call a dragon out from my spoon???)
The premise wasn't that interesting: Hot airbag of a hero challenges bully into a Beyblade match, bully loses. Another dark, brooding guy literally jumps into the scene, hero challenges dark brooding guy, loses and kicks off the rest of the plot, which consists of a bunch of kids challenging each other to see whose top gets broken first (or at least fly off and topple!) in internationally telecasted tournaments and practically anywhere the occasion arises.

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