Stormy001's Banner of the Stars Tv Review

Rated: 8

The fact this anime become one of the most beloved series to many serious anime fans who truly appreciated its sheer complexity despite rather minimalist art and music department, is testimony to it’s raw power of good writing, powerful script and convincing characters.

Seikai no Monshu deserves many second viewing as many nuances of story is missed during first time watching it. The story has many layers of complicated character, setting and political implications that fans will be delighted when they have revelation during second viewings.

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Pink1234's Banner of the Stars Tv Review

Rated: 8

Banner of the Stars III is enjoyable to watch for those familiar with originals. It gives more sensitive approach to main characters; and the way they interact can not leave one indifferent. There are thrilling moments, there are nice elegant dialogs. There's good Abh-style humor (yes, regarding _the cat_ also). And of course there are sentimental moments: love, nostalgia, sympathy. Banner III is full of vitality and it never stucks in any of those aspects always skillfully shifting from one to another. However if you expect a lot of action - this is what the authors decided to avoid. Action is very few and you may find the film boring.

Also, Banner of the Stars III has the feeling of classics. It revives the spirit of CotS and the fans should enjoy it.

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Celluz's Banner of the Stars Tv Review

Rated: 7

Ok......this is a very but very hard anime to see the first time. If you like serie with big esplosions, big tits and super effects..this for sure is not the anime for you. But if you like Sci-Fi with a very solid story then you have to see it and have some time to understand all behind it. But not is all great...infact because its from some books the story is little developed, many characters appears for a second but you dont see them in the rest of the anime and too much things will be never explained because there are no more books for now. Anyway i think this is a little gem...

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Ericcarson's Banner of the Stars Tv Review

Rated: 5

Basically, if you saw the first series, you’ll find a lot to like about Banner of the Stars. The character development and dialogue is top-notch, exceeding the standards set by the science fiction genre. The show has plenty of hardcore fans, and it’s easy to see why. Unfortunately, if hard science fiction isn’t really your thing, the bulk of this series will bore you to tears. The show needs to find a balance between technobabble shouted at monitor screens and heartfelt conversations between the main characters; as it is, each episode typically has too much of one and not enough of the other. The animation isn’t really good enough to provide an extra incentive to watch the show, so the worth of the series is reliant completely on the plotline and characters.

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