Drpepperandpocky's Angelic Layer Tv Review

Angelic Layer

Rated: 7

The idea of the Angelic Layer is very original as far as I know and the overall presentation of the anime was well rounded. The humor was lighthearted, as was the majority of the anime and it was a pleasure to watch. While not the most impressive series I've ever seen by any stretch, it is still well worth watching. Angelic Layer, while it has a unique atmosphere for the action, i.e. on the Layer, is still not too unique as far as the progression of the series. There have been numerous anime that go through the "tournament" progression to reach the end of the series. The structure of the anime being so predictable, was one of the main things that subtracted from the appreciability of this series.

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Ithinkimmeeh's Angelic Layer Tv Review

Angelic Layer

Rated: 8

I usually dont like anime's/games where all the protagonists are young enough to be bed-wetters. It always strikes me as odd that these kindergarteners are eloquent super geniuses (apparently). Dont let that deter you from this anime however. The humor is exceptional, and well-timed. All the characters where lovable. Most of the comic relief comes from misaki's whacky mentor Icchan, whose intelligence is only surpassed by his silliness. The character that stands out for me though is Misaki, I have a thing for underdogs, especially cute underdogs. Seeing her struggle to triumph over adversity makes me happy. There is also good character development, especially in the anime (i think its because the manga is too short, though the last extra section is great).

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