SaitoHajime101's Aizu Manga Review


Rated: 6

Through the 15-volume series, we come to understand what a person may wind up doing for the sake of reaching a dream. For me, I almost take away from the series the inspiration to want to further my education to reach a financial plateau that I know I may not get to until I'm 80-years old in my real line of work. For Seto, his dream was to overcome his personal doubts and personality short-comings to reach the woman he has only dared to look at from afar. Through each volume of the series we are consistently bombarded with failure, then success in an almost rhythmic manner. However through this pacing we are at least rewarded with achievements even though we are only the bystanders to this journey.

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SaitoHajime101's Aizu Tv And Manga Review


Rated: 9

The overall presentation of the anime was good for what it is. To me it was just a recap series of the manga and probably made to give the fans a way to see it in motion. I did like the directing style used. Each episode up til episode 4 was Teratani and Ichitaka talking about the old times. It really made them seem older and more mature during the scenes. I think it was a good choice to limit the series to only 6 episodes and an OVA. Going into this anime I was skeptical after the slight disappointment out of the Ichigo 100% anime, but I came out of it actually feeling better. To me its definitely a rewatch series especially if you don't want to reread all 15 volumes again.

Overall for the manga , the point was easily put across.

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Norimune's Aizu Tv Review


Rated: 8

Masakazu Katsura surprises us again this well thought shonen in which he shows that his drawing and story telling are absolutelly marvelous. Like in "Video girl Ai" he once again defines perfectly the escense of each caracter showing their unique personality and it's evolution through the story. It is a beautyfull and romantic story I recomend to those who loved series like "Ah! megamisama" or "If I see you in my dreams".
I must highlight the fact that he ends each chapter with a moment of tension and suspense, and just when the story seem to be tiring you, he manages to bring up a new and fascinating character.
IS is a great romantic comedy and together with "Ranma 1/2" (from Rumiko Takahashi) are great for convincing non anime fans into this gender.

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