Shoujoboy's Afro Samurai Tv Review

Afro Samurai

Rated: 6

Afro is an unfortunate show. The whole premise of a samurai anime based on a hip-hop theme (and if you say Samurai Champloo I will stab you) is one that is just overall cool. Not only that but the prospect of Sam Jackson as an anime voice actor is just too cool to not watch. But you end up with a weak story that relies on one-liners and over the top violence that simply leads you to the conclusion you expect after watching the show for maybe 3 minutes. There's nothing wrong with a predictable conclusion just not one that you can predict from the very beginning.

There are those who will love this show and tell their friends of it's sheer awesomeness. It has crazy violence, breasts on occasion, a bad-assed main character and lots and lots of Sam Jackson saying mother f*%ker.

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