Coco's A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Tv Review

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

Rated: 7

Sugar knows nothing about the human world so she often gets into trouble. She wants to know more about it. She asks too many questions, investigates (even if it's dangerous), and can be annoying. But I believe viewers will fall in love with her no matter what.

So lack of knowledge of our world gets her into trouble, which leads us laughing. I feel sorry whenever she's being chased by Joe, a feisty black raven. If a viewer wants a happy/cute/ adventure anime film, then this is it. Look no further. A viewer should have an open heart and not think of this film just for babies.

There are some sequences in which a child may not fully understand and can miss its significance. There are some emotional and sad scenes that can make you cry, as well steal your heart.

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Ladholyman's A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Tv Review

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

Rated: 9

I love the characters; the high point of Snow Fairy Sugar. I love the character designs. I love how each character have their own quirks. Ann is so much better than Lorna, since she looks so much like Shia from Pita Ten. Alan and his two gay buddies are hilarious. Greta is freaking awesome, as with Salt. I love the cuteness in everything. I don`t know what to say about Turmeric though, because all he does is sit around waving a cello and looking cool. He also pimps with that flute player. That`s fine by me, as all the characters were just so damn cute. I can't get enough of them.

I`ll definately show this to my kids. It pains me to think that shows like Ed, Edd, and Eddy rule the kid`s shows here in the states while the Japanese get Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar.

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