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Weskalia's Togainu no Chi Tv Review

Togainu no Chi

Rated: 3

Here we go again, if you think Hakuouki is the year's worst bishi then you're not wrong, but now we have another runner-up. Togainu no Chi, in a way, proves to be no different than those "gorgeously poisonous mushrooms;" you tasted it, and you have to do something quick to cleanse your poor stomach. Honestly, if you don't want to waste your time then keep your distance away from this crap, or this genre because nothing's good will come out. A fan of bishi, yaoi with lots of action? There are plenty of those you can find elsewhere. Just stay away, and if you’re only in it because of the bishi, google for wallpapers of them instead.

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Ratkin45's Bible Black Tv Review

Rated: 3

The presentation was deffinatly sub-par (duh... it is a hentai). For the story matter, I'd say it was semi-original. Maybe if it was in another genre and not so chessy it'd be pretty cool. The fact that Satan used fleshly desires as a means of corruption is Biblically accurate (I go to a Christian school... what a good example I'm beeing), but a major downfall with the entire theme was that from the "Bible Black" hung a Star of David.... yeah, I didn't get it either. It was really annyoing too and eventually became an inside joke amongst we who watched together. Also, the mantra the original witches chanted (Satan, Satan, Master Satan.) was pretty funny.

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Pod's Elfen Lied Tv Review

Rated: 3

I dunno where to go with this. This series reeks of production quality from the get go, but that conception will soon fade. The only thing vaguely interesting about this series is pondering the meaning of a grandfather clock that Lucy has a hang of tinkering with during her "infantile" periods. It makes sense later on in the series, trust me.
Sadly, it's just not reason enough to watch this miserable waste of animation talent for the five hours of your life it will consume, unless you are below 13 years of age, so you won't mind the tedious babbling, or belong to one of the earlier mentioned target demographics.

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Cal-reflector's Kenran Butou Sai Tv Review

Rated: 3

The show's presentation and style is drabbly conventional and not noteworthy.

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Question's Bleach Tv Review


Rated: 3

Another classic case of "It could have been so much better!". Unfornately it wasnt. For example Mabashi was originally a good guy who refused to go along with Kariya's plans, however he "went to the dark side" way too easily, thus messing up a good storyline opportunity. The "Bitts" were completely discarded past the first half, and it seemes as if Kariya simply threw them away in the real world. Most of it has been said in the story section already. The series arent enjoyable at all for the first half, as most of it is watching Ichigo and friends act really stupid and get beaten around by the seemingly invulnerable Bounts, while the second half is only "decent" beacuse it is standard shounen fight scences.

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Az0k's Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Tv Review

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Rated: 3

Move on to the theme. Tsubasa doesn't have a theme. Period. Or you can try to convince me what the theme is.

Presentation sucks. What I mean by presentation are things like camera angles, scene switching, when to start the background music, etc. First on the anime. It's 2007 already and we don't really need to see the camera fixing on a guy's face for 5 seconds without him saying a word. I didn't even finish the first season because of this. Next the manga. I think I hate Clamp's style. They failed to deliver anything to me except the Kurogane's past arc. Even the love element looks like kindergarten stuff compared to Suzuka. All I get from reading the manga is that things happened, so what?

Other technical stuff. The dialogues are shallow. There are no humours either.

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Weskalia's Hidan no Aria Tv Review

Hidan no Aria

Rated: 3

You hear it a lot, you watch it a lot, and you facepalm because of it a lot. It takes a while for the series' amusement at its own genre-pandering, trope-plundering ridiculousness to register, though. There's very little in the way of humor during the first episode, and the way it lunges from one cliche to the next, taking little care to properly connect them, makes it much easier to cringe at the towering derivation of it all than to laugh at it, much less laugh good-naturedly. Oh, and just to kill things a little more dead, the villains are both random and really, really annoying.

Some series fail because of a lack of anything fresh to work with; others fail because of deficiencies in execution. Aria the Scarlet Ammo squarely falls into the former category.

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Xenjin's Excel Saga Tv Review

Excel Saga

Rated: 3

There is no sequentialism. Almost every episode can stand on its own. You can watch almost any given episode of Excel Saga and be guaranteed to not have missed anything. Don't expect story continuity or cohesiveness here. The anime has one intention and that is to make you laugh. It is all about slapstick humor and extreme dark comedy - all while trying to take over the world. Everything else is sacrificed to this end.

You can watch Excel Saga without thinking about what you are watching and still be moderately entertained. It wasn't designed to engage the audience, or cause them to feel empathy or identify with any of its characters.

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Bleachluv's Inuyasha Tv Review


Rated: 3

presentation? oh man.... terrible! I suppose it's originalty is ok and the series has some humor buty everything they does is soooooo shallow. In the last episode I watched the main characters were in danger of dieing and I wasn't even upset... I mean wtf is that? I don't enjoy watching it.... I don't even know why I do..... *sigh* I can't stress how shallow this series is.... and with 200 episodes.... It gets almost painful to watch.... It's still good to start on, just don't overdo it. It has humor, romance, action etc. but it's not deep. The series just don't have the ability to drag you in. I mean... the main character(Inuyasha) learns his sword's "greatest technic' like 4 or 5 times..... This series really really had potential but they really didn't do a good job... 200 episodes....

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Question's Shingetsutan Tsukihime Tv Review

Shingetsutan Tsukihime

Rated: 3

The presentation was a complete failure. The failure to properly integrate many key game characters into the storyline, a lot of non-sensical things that left the viewer scratching his head, the famous Nero Chaos fight scence being nothing more than Shiki killing a seriously underpowered, clueless vampire, and many many other things, resulted in an anime that screamed "This could have been so much better, if we had only put in a much better effort!", and consequently the show was only midly enjoyable...and i suspect that was mainly because i was aware of what happened in the game's version of each scence.

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