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Tama-Neko's Macross Game Review


Rated: 7

Macross 30 is a pretty fun flight action RPG for the PS3. Studio Artdink has produced a number of other Macross games for the PSP, although this is their first for the larger screen. As I haven't played any of those other games, my expectations for this one were to pilot Valkyries and blow things up while enjoying some great pop songs. This game delivers that in spades.
Macross 30 is aimed directly at the franchise's biggest fans -- that's why they brought in characters, mechas and music from all the previous series. The setting, story, and main characters are game-original, so you don't technically need any prior Macross exposure, but you'll miss out on a lot of jokes and references.

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Kamuinoyume's D Gray-Man Tv And Manga Review

D Gray-Man

Rated: 7

Overall, I think the first part of the Manga that got turned into an Anime was bad. And I honestly like to praise the Animators for adding all the extra little piece of detail that made all those choppy chapters more entertaining. But I'd also like to scold them for their horrible fillers, because, given the source material (the Manga) and just how poorly paced and structured it was, and given how entertaining they managed to make the bits of the Manga that they animated, I can't help but wonder how did they managed to f**k up their own original stories so much...

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Animefreak114's High School of the Dead Tv Review

High School of the Dead

Rated: 6

Hands down, all Higshchool of The Dead boils down to is entertainment. No brains needed (this is a zombie flick guys really--no brains needed. Get it? GET IT?!....shut up). The story line is un-creative and predictable at best, and the characters really aren't anything other than your one dimensional anime archetypes. Still, it's not as though the show tries to hide this fact and it still is a really fun anime to watch during its high points. HOTD is above average, but not great, not masterpiece material and definitely NOT something you watch with your girlfriend or your parents in the room.


In terms of immersibility I really do think HOTD has its hit and miss moments.

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Robingirl's Uta no Prince-sama Tv And Manga And Game Review

Uta no Prince-sama

Rated: 10

The humor and romance are equally presented in this anime and are very equal. The jokes are hilarious and they really do not get old. I can still watch Season 1 and die of laughter from the pranks and the jokes. The characters appeal is perfect and they appear like a normal anime reverse harem. There are a ton of WTF moments but thats just the kind of anime that is.

Please do not forget that this anime came from the game so they did their best to explain it ALL to the audience but with only 13 episodes they did assume that the audience wouldn't be stupid and could figure small things out or have the brains to go look it up online if they were curious.

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Animefreak114's Monster Tv Review


Rated: 9

Overall watching Monster is an experience and as I'm very bitter to say, not one your everyday anime fan will be able to appreciate. Not only does Monster demand a mature audience with its adult content, but in terms of concepts as well, this is anime that will generally fly right over the heads of younger viewers or those newer to the anime community. Assuming that they can first look past its unconventional aesthetics in terms of art and music. And if you can get past all that then I can say for certainty as both an anime critic and avid anime fan this show will leave you with a lasting impression.


One of the deterrents to watching Monster with a group of friends on a late Friday night is the fact that this isn't a series you can marathon in one night. It's a long.

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CyanideBlizzard's Betterman Tv Review

Rated: 8

By today’s standards, Betterman may not look nearly as well. It may also not be nearly as appealing due to the amount of material it covers both in terms of symbolism and in terms of biology. Alongside the experimental style some of the show uses to tell it's story, it definitely paints itself as one odd ball of a series. However, Betterman stands up far better than most shows from that time period. Superior visuals, a haunting soundtrack and an incredibly interesting in-depth story keep it in high standards. I’d go so far as to say that Betterman is probably one of the few series from the 90s that still looks fairly good by today’s standards.

It’s with that in mind that I have to say I was truly surprised at how good Betterman actually is.

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Akiranyo's Katawa Shoujo Game Review

Katawa Shoujo

Rated: 8

Overall, this game is a great choice for both beginners and experienced players. It's highly philosophical with a deep story line, is well written and as the not typical harem game, can enjoyable for many without converting them into a otaku. Also, it has a high replay ability and frankly said, I never played a game where the main characters got so attached to me as here they did. To recommend this game is like to strongly suggest a great book to someone. I personally adore it very dearly and can even say that it helped me to improve a tiny bit on my human side. Of course it has some flaws and despite being highly popular on the web, I cannot call it revolutionary in any aspect.

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Weskalia's Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Tv Review

Rated: 7

Overall, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko is a very good series which falls short of being a great series primarily because it tends to be nothing more than just a fun frolic about a pretty girl claims to be an alien. Yeah, there might actually be real aliens near the end. It never gets into any deeper into that side, or maybe it doesn't have to for inserting such content in would have interfered with the pleasant charm that the series develops. It gets off to a nonsensical start with its tone-setting first episode but wraps up with a satisfying good finish, though the stories in between also have their moments. The end result is a series that, through its planned 13 episode run (12 TV episodes and one OVA next year), is one warmth, funny, and touching story.

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Animefreak114's Sword Art Online Tv Review

Sword Art Online

Rated: 7

Sword Art Online is a classic example of a show that's easy to watch, easy to enjoy, and, especially for those who are fairly new to anime or don't take a show beyond face value, easy to mistake for the amazing series it tries to be. Yes, therein lies the primary problem with Sword Art Online. It tries to be the ultimate anime experience, with a little action adventure here, a little romance there, with filler and thriller in between. And instead of becoming one of the benchmarks for modern anime like Madoka Magica Kara no Kyoukai or Fate/Zero it becomes more or less a collection of many different cliches, tropes and archetypes, with the only amazing qualities being the art the action and it's gripping introduction.

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Tama-Neko's Tales of Xillia Game Review

Rated: 7

Tales of Xillia is a romping fantasty RPG for the PS3 which will appeal to Tales fans (and JRPG fans in general), but probably won't win over anyone new. There is nothing groundbreaking in any aspect of the game, but it is a solidly built title that showcases all the standards the genre encompasses. In the end my major issue with the game is a lack of balance.
Character balance: For most of the story, Jude and Milla travel together, and the story moves along at a brisk pace. However, in the areas where Jude and Milla are off doing their own things, almost all the character development happens in Jude's section as Milla likes to run off on her own to handle matters.

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