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Futakoi tv Review

With his mother dead and his father working abroad, Nozomu Futami returns to the town he grew up in to attend high school. But there is something special about this town-- it is swarming with twin girls. Local legend says this is because of twin girls that once loved the same man, and because he could not choose between them, they turned into birds and flew away, leaving behind a single stone.
It seems that Nozomu is now in the center of this legend where twins fall in love with the same man-- but can he choose one?

Description by: DokiDokiChan

Story & Characters

The story of Futakoi is surprisingly unoriginal, falling into the already crowded genre of harem-dating-games-turned-anime. Where the show stands out is instead of a number of individual girls whom the main character encounters, all the girls are twins and are presented in pairs. However, in spite of its lack of a creative story, the show addresses the traditional plot devices (transfer students, late dates, etc) well, with a simple fashion that puts the viewer at ease. In other words, the story is simple but filling, wholesome, and uplifting.

Plot: B- (Pretty good; albeit unoriginal, I was neverthelss entertained throughout)

Rating: 6


By objective standards, the original does not measure up to Alternative in any visual departments; that is, animation quality and art. Futakoi original's graphics are very simple in contrast to Alternative's sophisticated and complex (read: expensive) visuals; it seems like a show for kids by comparison. The females were drawn cute enough, however, without exposing themselves, which I was startled to discover and found to be refreshing. Rare is the harem show that manages to be successful without (much) scantily-clad women.

Animation: C+/B- (Pretty good; sufficient for the show's purposes)
Art: B (Good clean style)

Rating: 7


Music is not a primary draw for this show, though the OP and Ending themes by Eufonius aren't bad, if not outstanding from your average female anime/JPOP song. Voice acting is fairly solid, but not consistent amongst all the characters. One of the main twins, the Ichijou-sisters, benefit from veteran seiyuus who bring out the more intense emotions in the last episodes well.

Music: C+ (Above Average; does not detract from the show)
Seiyuu: B (Good)

Rating: 6


The warm cuteness is a definite bonus and incentive--truly, all of the characters, even the main character's down-trodden sidekick, have their appeals-- which one can enjoy without the usual disadvantages of explicit fanservice (You know what those are, people peering over your shoulder, etc). The short length of the series (13) also prevents formation of heavy emotional baggage that threatens to choke viewers with angst; the characters' questions and indecisions are resolved in a timely manner, and the plot moves on in an unambiguous and clear-cut fashion so that the viewer never loses focus.

I didn't expect much from this show, since the consensus amongst viewers of its sequel, Futakoi Alternative, (which I saw prior) is that Futakoi original was not very good compared to its alternate universe sequel.

But simplicity is not neccessarily a bad thing, and I found myself--dare I say it?--liking Futakoi original better than what I saw in Alternative. The original is a harem show with the conventional fanservice and ecchi elements supplanted with cuteness, making its atmosphere more like Bottle Fairy and Aishteruze Baby than say... Girls' Bravo. And if one regards the original as a semi-kid's show, its actually a pretty entertaining, wholesome, uplifting show.

Ambitious shows often, in their endeavor to promote grand themes or explore great emotional depths, wind up confusing viewers, and Futakoi original avoids this pitfall by keeping things admirably simple, which enabled me to enjoy it tremendously.

X-factors: Taking the kawaii approach instead of conventional Ecchi works; Lulu-chan and Lala-chan's quips are adorable.
Overall: B- (Pretty Good) Recommended for younger viewers or older one's wishing to take a break and looking for light entertaining fare.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

6.83 (above average)

Reviewed by cal-reflector, Feb 15, 2006


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    nice review and nice anime story too

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