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Madlax Madlax Screenshot Madlax in the midst of fire. Madlax Screenshot Margaret Burton, a girl with a mysterious past. Madlax Screenshot Reticia, a forgotten memory. Madlax Screenshot Carossur Dawn, a man who seeks the truth.

Madlax tv Review

Story & Characters

Two young women, living in different countries, one as a special agent, the other as a normal student. As separate as their lives may seem, the two are connected by their past and by a mysterious book sought by a secret organisation called Enfan.

Madlax, special agent who takes jobs from assassinations to gathering information, struggles to survive and at the same time try to unfold her hidden past. Margaret Burton lives her life peacefully, content with having the memories of her past forgotten until she finds a book with letters she cannot understand.

As the two young women follow their destiny to uncover the truth, their paths crosses and there is no guarantee that the truth they both seek will be as pleasant as they hoped it would be.

Madlax throws you directly into the story, confusing you with a lot of things. But as the story progresses, pieces of the puzzles are slowly being put together, making the story slowly unfold. Although containing a bit of supernatural elements, parts of the story could might as well have been reality. A civil war has broken out a long time ago, with the people not really knowing exactly why they're fighting and for what. Innocent people are the victims in this tragedy and have no power whatsoever to change the world they live in.

The typical cliche characters cannot be found in Madlax, at least not in my opinion. We do have the tall, deep-voiced man who doesn't show many emotions, but unlike the typical character of this kind who doesn't speak very much (e.g. Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha), this man, Carossur Dawn, does speak more but not necessarily like a hyper maniac. Other than this character, the other characters can't really be put in any category.

Rating: 8


The character design in Madlax is very good, featuring beautiful and sexy characters. They are all being portrayed so that the match their personality. Vanessa being the sophisticated and smart businesswoman, Margaret as the somewhat confused and childish girl. However, as beautiful as they may seem, I sometimes feel they lack details.

The digital art used in Madlax feels natural. They don't stand out like in some anime which makes you think "That's definitely digital art". If it hadn't been for that I actually looked more closely on the animation, I wouldn't have noticed it was digital. Also, the anime used colourful backgrounds which are pleasant for the eyes.

Rating: 9


The music by Kajiura Yuki, the same composer who did the music to anime such as .hack//SIGN and Tsubasa Chronicle, lives up to her reputation but may not necessarily be one of her best work. There's a great variation of background music found in Madlax, some of them with vocals, and they all fit the scene in question very well. Many enhances the mystery which is the main ingredient found in this anime. However, as good as they may seem, the only memorable one is the opening theme called Hitomi no Kakera by FictionJunction Yuuka.

The Japanese voice actors all do their jobs very well and fit their characters nicely. Madlax (Sanae Kobayashi) has an almost naive voice well suited for her personality and Margaret (Houko Kuwashima) has a somewhat confused voice due to her horrible past.

Background effects such as gunshot and helicopter sounds are done nicely and sounds very realistic.

Rating: 8


I enjoyed watching Madlax very much but it is understandable if some are being put off by how the anime starts as it is, like mentioned before, very confusing. Not much humour is found in Madlax, but not very much action either as one may expect. However, the mystery of the characters and the last piece of the puzzle not being put together until the last episode is enough to keep you watching as you want to know more about them and exactly what role Enfan has. If you ask me, I would greatly recommend Madlax to those who want something serious, something more than just a light-hearted anime.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.17 (good)

Reviewed by Kori, Feb 07, 2006


  1. shoujoboy Feb 08, 2006

    Short, sweet and to the point. It's hard to portray your thoughts in a concise manner sometimes but you did a fairly good job. Still though, I'm turned off by Madlax because it has too much of a Noir feel to it, and I despised Noir. Although my anime travels will likely carry me past it one day.

  2. NoirTrue Feb 09, 2006

    I have yet to see Madlax but I'm a big Noir fan and I know it's from Bee Train.....Nice review I think I'll give it a try....right after I pick up Mai HiME

  3. WingWeaverz Feb 09, 2006

    what i thought about it was that i love madlax however the shooting shenes and actions were so short outa 24 eps maybe 4 eps were made of it the rest is probably talking and nothing serious it was good overall but if u wanted action like they had in noir then yea..

  4. ElvishImmortal Feb 11, 2006

    I love madlax. I agree with the majority of what u said. The art is beautiful, and, being a writer myself, i can appreciate the complex storyline. Only element i was becoming fed up with was the "throw the fishing rod at u, get ya on the hook, then leave ya in the dark" type thing. I kno that it's so the fans will watch the next episode and be excited, but when u wanna just FINISH it or get the MAIN IDEA (which constantly escapes the viewer up until ep 20) u dont wanna be led to the entrance of the cave, and find out ur in a larger cave, if ya know what i mean. Other than that, this has got to be one of my favorites

  5. Etron Mar 17, 2006

    i really want to see this anime, Madlax seems to be good!

  6. bram200 Apr 16, 2006

    So far a good story I'll got volumes 1 to 5 and will have volumes 6 to 7. And so far I am very happy with the MADLAX series.


  7. nicksilver156 Jun 05, 2006

    I've got both Madlax and Noir and while they do have some things in common, like their fight scenes. They both have their own elements that make them great animes. Madlax seems to focus more on an occult aspect that really draws you into it. What I really like about this series is that it keeps building on what it started with so you need to go back through after a few volumes to catch the little clues that add up to the big picture.

  8. znag008 Sep 10, 2006

    I watched it all. I really liked it in the beginning, but as it continued it wasn't as great as noir. Madlax is good. I just wish there are more wallpapers for it. If anyone does know some good place (other then here) feel free to email me znag008@gmail.com or pm me. Thanks

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