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Mobile Suit Gundam - Universal Century

Mobile Suit Gundam - Universal Century ova Review

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Story & Playability

This review covers the DVD version of the Mobile Suit Gundam OVA Char's Counterattack

Plot summary
The year is Universal Century 0093. Fifteen years since the end of the One Year War. The rivalry between Newtype pilots Amuro Ray (Earth Federation) and Char Aznable (Neo-Zeon) finally reached its climax. Char intends to bring out the ice age that will force every living beings on Earth to migrate into space, evolving them into Newtypes in the process. Will Amuro allow this mad plan to go as intended?

Being a one shot OVA, don't expect much from this in terms of storyline but what really drives it were the characters, their feelings about the war and they fought to prove that they made the right choice.

You DON'T have to watch the TV series (though I recommended it). You only need to have the basic knowledge of the plot from the series AND the term 'Newtype'.

Rating: 8


As far as the DVD version goes, it was a massive improvement. Graphics were sharper, the contrast and brightness of colors were well done as well. And there was no slouch in the animation as well. If you're a UC nut and longed for improvement from the original release, you won't be disappointed.

This truly represents the phrase 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.'

But of course, if you're a Cosmic Era fan and enjoyed a lot of of cell-shading graphics and 3D stuff, be prepare for some old school graphics and animation.

Rating: 8


Of course, releasing it on DVD, the sound will be 'upped' as well and this was not an exception. Of course the sound effects were pretty old school but hearing a massive explosion from a 5.1 speakers was a different matter altogether.

There was only one theme song for this one. BEYOND THE TIME by Time Machine NETWORK or fondly called TM NETWORK or TMN. They added Char's Counterattack to their pedigree after the song GET WILD for the anime City Hunter proved to be a major success.

BEYOND THE TIME really does fit into the story when we looked at the lyrics;

Beyond the time
More than hope, more than ideals, more than aspirations
I was only able to believe in you
Fleetingly, violently, without falsehood
I won't avert my gaze

You can change your destiny
Beyond the time
You can can change your future
Beyond the darkness
We can share the happiness
That we've been looking for
That day when we fell in love

Transliterated lyrics from www.animelyrics.com

Rating: 7


The first half was rather slow but when the final battle looms, it causes excitement to no end. What will happen to Amuro and Char? What will happen to the world? Will everyone realized their mistakes and learn from it? So many questions, yet the answer is hardly there.

Overall, this OVA truly represents how the final duel between two bitter rivals should be fought. Amuro and Char not only clashed because of their ideals but also for their personal reasons.

Of course, there's a few extras for this DVD version. Official trailer, behind the scene and a tribute to Yoshiyuki Tomino.

Whether you're a UC nut or a newbie to the Gundam universe, you should...let me correct that one. YOU MUST watch this. Highly entertaining and extremely recommended.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.83 (good)

Reviewed by white-zero, Feb 01, 2006


  1. wildarmsheero Feb 01, 2006

    Um, wasn't Char's Counterattack a theatrical movie?

  2. chibicow Feb 01, 2006

    a very interesting and in-deep review!
    not having seen any "gundam" series or movies it
    kinda sparks an interest for me!
    thanks for the insight!

  3. Ephemeral-Garden Feb 02, 2006

    Yeao. ^^ I never get to watch Universal Century's Gundam series, so far I only learned them from SRW games. But I really like how the presented wars and their ideas in UC, because they don't revolve a lot around the characters like Cosmic Era do. A very nice and thorough review, nicely done, white. ^^

  4. Athrun Feb 02, 2006

    Quote by wildarmsheeroUm, wasn't Char's Counterattack a theatrical movie?

    Yes, but you are only given four specific types for a category. Tv, Ova, Manga and Game. Ova is the best choice for types of anime movies.

    Pretty short review, but it gets to the point. Damn, I need to see that movie again...

  5. Zeliard Feb 04, 2006

    It is a good ending. We are talking about a 20 UC years war between Amuro and Char, and Federation and Neo Zeon.

  6. soweird Apr 08, 2006

    Great Review. Big Gundam fan. i onli support U.C. i dun watch Gundam Seed or Wing. i tink it is stupid.

  7. Red-Cresent May 01, 2006

    Haven't watched the OVA, but your review have given me ideas regarding the OVA.

    Great work!

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