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Wolf's Rain

Wolf's Rain tv Review

Story & Characters

It is said that humans were created from wolves, and that only they will be able to find Paradise when the world is near its end.

In the near future, most of nature has been destroyed. There are no trees, and you will not find a lot of forests. Wolves have been extinct for 200 years, and most people have been believing that. Most, however, do not include Quent Yaiden. He believes the wolves are real, and that they have been deceiving humans for the past 200 years, living amongst them.
One day a wolf comes into town, Kiba. Almost dead and exhausted, Kiba attracts other wolves to him and togetherthey will be the onse that will fulfill the prophecy of leading the wolves to the legendary Paradise. With scientists, a mad hunter, and other obstacles in the way, will they find Paradise before the world ends?

Very original plot, although the apocalyptic thing has been done before. However, usually in those times the cities lay in ruins (if there are any cities at all) and you're trying to find hope and survival. Also, the fact that there is little/no nature left at all - also done before but that doesn't mean that the creators didn't do a bad job of it. I also rather like the suspence they put in with finding Paradise before the world ends, because it *is* a really close call that has you holding your breath.
Also, I like the legends and the "Book of the Moon". There are usually prophecies in other anime, but not a lot that I've seen. The prophecies themselves include something dark and spooky, but it's more of something positive here. (who wouldn't want to be the one to open the door to Paradise?)

Rating: 9


Ferkin awesome art, one of the best I've seen. The only complaint I have is that osmetimes when the characteres move too fast it's pixellated, but my dvd quality was bad so I won't blame the artists. :o Also, the art is *almost* perfect because there are rare moments when you see goofy faces.
The art done for the characters matches them relaly well. The main character, strong and silent Kiba is cute as he should be. (Main characteres not cute is almost against the law o_o) He also doesn't look like some hoob who runs around without his shirt open all the time (Not a yaoi series either), but also not someone who is too dark and unexposed. In other words, a nicely done balance for Kiba's character.
Tsume wears tight clothing which looked quite funny to me, but what I would like to bring up are the scars on his face and chest. They're exactly the same and I've seen it about a hundred times on other characters, like Rurouni Kenshin for instance. I think the scars could have been more original, but other than that Tsume is alright.
Toboe kind-of looked like a girl when I saw him, but I suppose it's his hair that made me think so. Heh. His outfit is pretty normal, although it's nothing special and certainly realistic.
Hige has quite the interesting collar, which has an X on it. It's pretty cool-looking, maybe because it reminds me of the ninja headbnands in Naruto. (although you don't wear it on your face like they do)
Everyone else in the show has clothing that matches them as well, so overall this show gets good points. The human and wolf forms are quite nice, I especially like Kiba's colour. (white)

Rating: 9


The voices of the characters fit them well, Tsume had a rough voice while Toboe had a nice and cute one. Kiba didn't say much, but when he did speak it sounded like something he would say. (along with the voice of course!) I would say hHige had the toughest voice role, from the time he he was laid back to the time he was losing his mind, I was believing it.
Also, there was a lot of gunfire and you could hear that quite clearly. It was very believable in those scenes, not something fake. I was surprised at the guns themselves, it wasn't something that could only fire a bullet at a time. Rather, it was one of those machine guns that kept firing and firing. (one of the scenes with the miliary)
Now then, I would love to point out that this show has a lot of beautiful (the best) music. Cheza's song is quite something, a soft and lucious tinkling voice, it's hard to explain in words but if you hear it you will know what I mean.
Also, the opening/closing credits songs are amazing. I especially like "Gravity" and "Tell me what the rain knows". Like Cheza's song, they're calm and serenic songs. Quite beautiful, you have to download them! <3
The other times there is music in the anime itself, it really fits the moods. I would say a wide variety if instruments are used each time, so that brings about the nice effect that is wanted for the scene.

Rating: 10


Overall, the anime was awesome. From the very beginning that Kiba stumbled into town to the very end of the anime when-I loved it all. The presentation of the anie is very nicely done, and you really sympathize with the characters as they go along their journey to Paradise. Quite njoyable, I also like the lessons the show gives us (won't say anything) rather than just the mindless watching.
What I also love about this anime is the Russian. I've seen it quite a few times, from signs to books to maps. I was a little surprised to see Russian too, because I'm used to seeing Japanese kanji and things taking place in Japan. This was definetely a nice twist to the whole thing, and I think artists should try to incorporate other languages in their anime like this one has done. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a closer look to see if the Book of the Moon had Russian or not, but oh wells, everything else does so there might be a chance.
Some of thes scenes in the anime are very emotional and sad, and they were done so ferkin good (especially the scond last episode) that I actually cried. This is how emotionally attached I got to the characters nad I hope others had the same experience. I can't say much, but I will say this, a lot of beautiful flowers withered in the show, which is something that is also true in life itself.

*claps* Definetely one of the best anime I've seen by far, if you ever get a chance to come across it buy it! (or burn it)

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

9.17 (very good)

Reviewed by daos, Jan 31, 2006


  1. Aoshi101 Jan 31, 2006

    You know what, I have to give props, because this is the first review I have read that I agree with 100%. Every rating you gave are the ratings I would give. Maybe for slightly different reasons but they are about the same. Great review, I enjoyed reading it.

    "Gravity" song RULES! ^_^'

  2. ChosenEntity Jan 31, 2006

    I completely agree with you and Aoshi101. This anime is my favorite of all I've seen.... actually, it was the first I really devoted myself to seeing every episode of. It was so serious most of the time, but it had some humor thrown in... intentional or not. (Tsume's clothes gave me the giggles a couple times. I remember this one really depressing and glum scene that showed him crouched and facing away, but all I could do was laugh 'cause the shadows made it look like his buttcrack was hanging out... gotta love tight leather.)

    It's also the only one my sister will watch with me. She HATES anime! Go Wolf's Rain! *happy dance*

  3. phamthuha Feb 01, 2006

    9.17? Really good sweetie ^_^ Congrat!

  4. Pervers Feb 04, 2006

    Superb series has to see absolutely. :D

  5. KanoneHilbert Feb 05, 2006

    I agree totally. The ratings you gave would be the same as mine. I very much enjoyed this series and recommend it to anyone who hasn't.


  6. anarchy-soup Feb 20, 2006

    ive seen the show about 5 times cause it really dosnt come on much where i am (ghetto) jk.....but so far i like it and i hope it comes on more....oh and good job with the review :-)

  7. Shirayuki Feb 21, 2006

    Wolf's Rain was one of the most beautiful anime I've ever seen, from the music (especially the ending song by Sakamoto Maaya) to the character designs to the backgrounds. It was just beautiful.

    I cried everytime I watched it and it was just very touching. I was totally absorbed into the anime and found myself lost in their world. Even my mom watched it and couldn't help but like it. Though the ending was a bit weird and the story is rather confusing at some points (if you're looking for an easier anime, this might not be for you) but it's definitely worth watching. I would've given the same rating too ^ ^

  8. Tigerofthebow Feb 22, 2006

    Thx for this review, I've been debating about buying this anime for a long time now, and you've basically convinced me. My friends told me this anime was freakin awesome but not much else, lol. It sounds like the kinda anime I'd love to own.

  9. Odeena Feb 23, 2006

    Your review is well-written and definitely does a great job in summarizing the characteristics of this series. I agree with it mostly, except maybe for the plot, which was, in my view, a bit thinner than in other series I've seen... but over all, you did good. Congratulations!

  10. renegadepsyche Mar 31, 2006

    I have the soundtracks to this anime and the orchestral based songs are absolutely beautiful.

  11. dreamcastle May 04, 2006

    This is one of my favorite shows ever. I love wolves as animals anyway and I love how the animators captured the nature of real wolves. I also love how in dept the plot is and how everything is connected in the end. I cried so much at the end, but I still love it.

  12. koeziekoo Sep 07, 2006

    Brilliant! i got original dvd's of this series and i've seen it bout 12 times seriously. you just grow on the characters so much. at the end when toboe died almost broke my heart, butthen everyone died soon after.
    it irritated me a bit on how it ends. although its rebirth i stil would've liked to see how they would draw paradise with the lunar flowers.
    excellent review by the way

  13. Ishikawa91 Mar 23, 2009

    This is one of the greatest anime ever. It had a truly deep and sad story line that I enjoyed a lot. great review just fix up those typos next time.

  14. angelxxuan Banned Member May 20, 2012

    not a bad review, could have touched on the characters within the anime itself, this is one of those anime which makes one feel empty upon seeing it. they are left, walking away in near tears or in tears, over the ending. thank goodness for the final four episodes or it wouldn't have made such a climatic effect on people/things.

  15. back07 Sep 24, 2012

    thanks for the nice review

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