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Ai Yori Aoshi

Ai Yori Aoshi tv Review

The anime adaptation of Fumizuki Kou's manga features Kaoru Hanabishi, a normal every day college student. For years, he lived independently and alone. One day, his entire life gets turned upside down. He meets a young woman about his age one day at the train station. She appears lost and is searching for someone. In kindness, Kaoru lends a hand, without knowing that he was who she was searching for.

Aoi Sakuraba is the only daughter of a wealthy family. As such, her hand is well sought after. Unfortunately for her family, she already has her heart set on Kaoru, her betrothed. As a gesture of good faith, her parents allow them to live on the same property, with her acting as the landlady and her caretaker as the owner. Poor Kaoru has been reduced to playing the part of a tenant.

Of course, they don't know about all the other women who will be moving in with them...

How will Aoi and Kaoru explore their love with so many distractions? Will Aoi be able to cope with the number of love rivals?

Story & Characters

Long ago I've watched Love Hina. I liked it very much. When I've heard about Ai Yori Aoshi I thought it will be a cheap LH-ripoff, but after watching it I ended up liking this series more than Love Hina...

As for the story... I dont know.
It's not bad or anything, but I felt like the story is not THAT interesting.
Quite fun though, but the 'fillers' were the best part, fortunately they were good.

So the main plot is starts with a guy living all alone in an apartment, and because he's living there all alone, and he is only a high school student, he isn't living a very joyful life, he isn't eating properly, either.
But there is a girl who liked him ever since they were little children...her name is Aoi. (literally 'blue' and it fits her just perfectly). Back then they used to play quite often, and they were having fun. One day the girl decides that she will go to Tokyo to look for his beloved Kaoru, who has suddenly disappeared from Aoi's sight many years ago.
When she got to the station, she gets in a small accident, and a guy helps him out. She says that she's looking for one of his friends home...and accidentally the guy she is looking for happens to be Kaoru, the same guy, she has just right met.
Aoi decided to be his wife, but her family doesn't seem to like that idea...what will happen to them? If you watch it, you might see... ^^

When the real plot comes in, it's kinda interesting, so it reall is ok, just a little too small amount of story, we get.

To write some things about the characters (which I think is important) here I go:

Every character was so well-made ^^
Kaoru: He is fortunately a decent guy. I mean he isn't unlucky/perverted/whimp, and I liked that.
Aoi: Cute, shy, beautiful; perfect for a lead female :) I liked her very much.
Tina: One of my favourite characters. Being as energetic as she is she always brought a funny/energetic atmosphere.
Taeko: A maid, a bit clumsy,but likeable.
Mayu: She was in my opinion a nice character, and a good 'rival' for Tina ^^
Miyabi: Always wants to act cool, but she's kind. I liked her very much.
Chika-rin:My absolute favourite ^^ I dont understand why some says she is annoying, and think she only has good 'points' in her personality. And she was really cute, in my opinion she was the most 'hot' character with her cuteness. XD

Rating: 7


The animation is nice, its good to look at.
Nothing really special, but it's simply good.

As for the character-design, I think it was fabolous.
Everyone is nicely done here, From the little but hot Chika to the extremely curvy Taeko. :)

The animation was clear and fluid. I haven't noticed any sudden changes in the style of the animation, or thing like that; fortunately.

Rating: 8


The sounds are great, too. I like the Seiyuus, and I think Aoi's and Kaoru's were the best, but Tina and Chika did a really good job too...
Every actors matched the characters (i'm talking about the japanese) perfectly.

And the Opening song (Towa no Hana) is heart-warming, beautiful. Just the perfect fit for the genre.

The BGM music is fair enough, but not that great...
The problem is I think there were too few of them.
But maybe it's just me...so I can't decrease the rating because of this that much.

Rating: 9


So I enjoyed every part of it; it does worth the time, believe me! ^^
If you like hare-anime, you're going to enjoy it, but if you don't...well give this a try, because it's a bit more serious, than most of them.

Throughout the filler episodes we will get very much humor.
It's the best watched together with your friends!

One good point is it's rewatchability. I've already seen it 3 times.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.17 (good)

Reviewed by novalisk, Jan 31, 2006


  1. shoujoboy Jan 31, 2006

    I guess this type of writing style works for some people but it just doesn't work for me. There is short, sweet and to the point and then there is just sketchy details at best. I have seen this show already and so I already know how it goes, but if I was someone looking at this review for an idea as to what I was getting into, I might be left out in the cold. I'm not trying to be mean or overly critical but try to be a little bit more detailed with your descriptions and expound more on why you gave a certain rating.

    As for the show itself, I didn't enjoy it all that much. It started out with a lot of hope but it just fell into a typical harem anime all to quickly. Overall I would be nice to throw an overall 6 at this show.

  2. novalisk Jan 31, 2006

    Hmm...i guess you may be right, i'm not too professional at writing detailed reviews...
    In the future i'll try to make better ones. :S

    But i did really enjoy this (not in my top 10 though), but you are right that I didn't explain it too well...thanks for leting me know your opinion!

  3. cyd84 Jan 31, 2006

    I guess I have an inbetween opinion...I liked the anime but not enough to warrant such high ratings (too many harem fillers got annoying) and I do agree that more detail to back up your ratings would have been nice
    Good effort though!

  4. shinsengumi Retired Moderator Jan 31, 2006

    Personally, I hated the story. Not only did I think it was ridiculous, not just with the overall premise but also the ongoing accumulation of female borders in the mansion, but it got old really quickly. Besides, with the notable exception of Tina, I absolutely hated the characters, Aoi in particular. I do agree, though, that the animation was very well-done.

    Anyhow, some minor adjustments are in order:

    Quote: The animation is nice, its good to look at.
    Nothing really special, but it's simply good.

    One point removed from Art category.

    Quote: The BGM music is fair enough, but not that great...

    One point removed from Sound category.

  5. geninlv1 Feb 06, 2006

    Well, I kinda liked this anime because it got me through my Love Hina and Ah My Goddess withdrawl stage. I don't see too many fansites out there on this series, however, so I might just purchase the manga to learn a little more about it.

  6. ZhuangQuan Feb 07, 2006

    I kinda love to watch it. Your review is ok but some of the parts what u wrote are not exactly right. But it was your first try.
    So sorry to say something rude

  7. novalisk Feb 07, 2006

    No prob, and thanx for the constructive reviews :)

  8. ripsilver Mar 16, 2006

    good review.. i like this anime although i have only seen it a few times...

  9. Zeigard Apr 22, 2006

    I Liked this anime a lot more than love hina, It is one of my favorites in the genre. Because Kaoru is not your typical type of guy you find in Harem anime. From the start he has already picked the girl he wanted to end up with, which is Aoi, but they are forbidden to let other people know about it.

    By the way I think when they where little Kaoru and Aoi had already an arrange marriage which was okay with Aoi because she likes him. But Kaoru due to problems with the family, so he decided to cut himself from his family name and also to Aoi (which he also has forgotten). At least thats what I remember it. ^_^!

  10. CWBda Nov 29, 2006

    i havent seen the show but ive been reading the manga and it is awsome it is very interesting and i think it was the best manga i have ever read.

  11. 914065918 Nov 03, 2008

    Look good! Good to see this tv!

  12. hitsu-chan Jul 20, 2011

    I like this! thx for the review

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