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Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan tv Review

Sakura, the main male character (apparently boys can be named Sakura too), is targeted for elimination by God. Sometime in the future, Sakura is going to discover the secret behind eternal life and create a machine that will allow people to live forever. Since this obviously treads upon God's divine power, he decides to send assassins to the past to kill Sakura. As a side effect, the machine also stunts the aging of women and they don't develop any further once they reach the age of 12. As a result, the future is the perfect lolicon's paradise.

God sends Dokuro-chan, an angel with a nail bat named Excaliborg to the present day. Her mission is to kill Sakura before he can invent the loli-machine. Unfortnately, she's become somewhat attached to Sakura and can't bring herself to actually kill him and leave him dead. Every time she does club him to death, she says the magic words to bring him back to life in her bloodily cute splendor. Instead, she has decided to live with him and find "alternative ways" to prevent him from making the doomsday device.

Credits: kawaiiguy

Story & Characters

Every so often a show comes along that makes you want to give un anime forever, become a monk and never speak of it again. One that can make you vomit your lunch even if you are on a fast that day. Not since Puni Puni Poemy a few years back has that been the case... enter Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan. I'll be oh so brief describing the "plot". Dokuro is an angel from the future who has come back in time to protect a boy named Sakura. Another angel who is an assassin is sent back to kill him because he has discovered eternal youth and that cannot be tolerated because it treads on Godliness. Dokuro ultimately just wants to prevent that from happening so Sakura doesn't have to die. Really all she does is brutally kill him constantly, and use her powers to revive him... which just seems counterproductive to me. The "plot" I just described is episode 1, and all that there really is. For the most part all you really have is a sad attempt at over the top humor that doesn't work and ecchi comedy, which shockingly doesn't work either.

Rating: 1


Art is the strong point of this show, and that isn't saying much at all. The art is mediocre at best. The character designs are generic and not very well detailed. Eyes show little to no emotion as they are almost all solid in color. No attention is paid to minor characters. The bloody animation is always over the top which actually degrades the humor it is trying to portray in the first place. The only positive I can throw at this is the animation frame rate is pretty consistant and it shows action well. The appearance of Dokuro's trusted Escalibolg, to the swinging of it at Sakura's head and the subsequent explosion of his cranium is smooth and fluid no pun intended. Save that little gem, the animation department should be fired from this abomination. For the love of God they thought pasting a picture of a baboon on a characters head was a good idea.

Rating: 3


In these modern days of animation it is hard to screw the sound up but this show manages to do just that. The opening has an appeal for being somewhat humorous and does set the tone of the show well. Since the show is all about violence and ecchi humor, the opening was made to reflect that. This actually makes it a song that can only be used for opening sequence and won't be making any playlists anytime soon. The BGM of the show is your run of the mill quirky comedy music. If there was an amazing Yoko Kanno like composition hidden in there, you likely wouldn't notice it over the abysmal voice acting. Fast talking Kotono Mitsuishi of Excel Saga worked and was funny. This does just the opposite. The voices are poorly done but match the poor dialog well; so if that's what they were aiming for, then they did well. I can't award best performance to any of the actors here.

Rating: 2


I went into this show expecting a good laugh, and I rarely come across something that I just can't find anything good in. It seems a few people out there really enjoyed this, but at this point I have to question those people's sanity. Over the top humor can work, but somehow this show missed the mark on making that happen. Redundant humor, characters you just didn't like and other lackluster elements made this show one I'd soon rather forget. Shows that lack plot usually make up for it in another department. This on the other hand faultered at every junction that can make an anime great. As for recommending this to people, I'll only recommend this to one type of person... if you like to smoke pot and watch anime then this one just might work for you.

Rating: 1

Final Verdict

1.5000 (very poor)

Reviewed by shoujoboy, Jan 17, 2006


  1. shoimi Jan 17, 2006

    sounds interesting is it a book/manga or is it a movie.

  2. shinsengumi Retired Moderator Jan 17, 2006

    *gasp* How could you not like Dokuro-chan?

    *bashes you with nailbat*


    In all seriousness, however, I have to agree with you. I watched the first episode, found it mildly amusing, but neither the story, characters, etc. could compel me to watch any more.

  3. Kidder Jan 17, 2006

    i believe they scrapped the show after something like 4 episodes. There a very few (if any) saving graces to this anime and although i do enjoy over-the-top humour and violence, I just didn't enjoy this anime as much as Excel Saga.

  4. Draco135-60 Jan 18, 2006

    Well...I think you went into it with too high a standard.

    I'll honestly say through the whole of the first episode I had no clue what just happened. But I found the series hilarious as it spoofed and satired off a lot of anime and the potty humor/sex jokes amusing. (Hey you think American Pie got so popular from its intricate and compelling plot about high school kids?)

    It has as you mentioned, absolutely no plot whatsoever that you can follow. You can probably jump it at any point and watch and not really care about what happened in previous episodes.

    It's just plain good old stupid kind of funny, don't expect the smart kind of funny.

  5. ishimi Jan 19, 2006

    hey...are you sure that your highlights are kinda high!well i cant blame you thats your standard!
    good day!

  6. batenkaitos Jan 19, 2006

    it's fun and crazy lol
    but the end is too short

  7. Athrun Jan 19, 2006

    Eehhh... sounds like one of those anime with the pretty art but story and etc. just plain sucks.

  8. ware4me Jan 19, 2006

    I think someone got scared with this series, you know that this was very special type of comedy.

    Of course, if you like kawaii kind of stories, nah! this is not for you.

    Your rating is very unfair and seemed to be biased.

  9. cobaph Jan 19, 2006

    I thought it was great! The ending was pretty blah and stupid though.

    But until the last episode, I thought it was really funny.

  10. PheonixRune Jan 22, 2006

    it was stupid, but I still enjoyed it. Its just entertaining...but the ending was a bit ..well....not enough.They could have done better with it, but it needed alot to be really good. Just plain stupid fun works though.

  11. Kiako Jan 22, 2006

    i didn't watch it but i don't get it why would someone write a review about something one didn't like.

  12. djk19scooter Jan 22, 2006

    its very good anim:D

  13. Ky Jan 25, 2006

    I thought it was a funny anime. In a really stupid, juvenile and immature way. You really need to turn your brain off to understand it.

  14. mastering Feb 01, 2006

    this anime dont deserve a 1.5/10 as its score...

  15. psy295 Feb 07, 2006

    LoL yea.. it is pretty stupid.. but its pretty funny too.. i wouldn't give it that low of a score.. 4+?

  16. Sethimothy Feb 10, 2006

    While I disagree with the rating itself, I feel the reviewer has done an excellent job of laying out why he feels that way and I respect him for it.

  17. tanteikun Feb 21, 2006

    I know, I agree with you, a very weird first episode followed by boring and redundant attempt at recreating the blood scenes

  18. Lumenesca Jul 13, 2006

    I watch a couples of episodes of this a few days ago...

    My god, you weren't kidding. It's awful! I feel sorry for Chiba Saeko.

  19. Empress-Neko Aug 09, 2006

    This anime definately wasn't the best show in the whole wide world, and admittedly it is one of the worse I've seen.
    It has pretty lewd humor and the same ecchi/violence running gags every episode. (I do like the opening theme, though. XD)
    I'd give it at least a 2..but that's just me. xP

  20. Offkorn Mar 12, 2007

    Strange, I found the plot to be quite straightforward and easy to follow. I'm curious; have you seen Excel Saga? This a comedy in the same vein, it's meant to amuse, that's it.

    If you went into it thinking it was going to be some deep romance anime....well that's not really Dokura's fault.

  21. SunSpots Aug 15, 2007

    What?! if any show would make me vomit and turn into a monk, its crap like Naruto and bleach, and other such poser shows which lack lolis to begin with. But hey, how is a cute loli killing some sorry SOB bad? Hell, i'd love to be killed be her over and over again. but i guess i have a thing for animes that arnt very mainstream, or liked by most people (stares at you). hehe, see you around the club

  22. KillPhilVol1 May 12, 2010

    I guess this is mostly for people who have an odd sense of humor and that is something I have.. One of the best Anime's I've seen and Ive watched a lot of them. Sadly there wasn't many episodes made, I could watch 100 episodes of Dokuro-Chan bludgeoning Sakura. Plus the opening song is hands down the best ever. I give it a 9 because its so damn funny, odd, bloody and crazy.

  23. rukasu44 Sep 29, 2010

    This anime is too funny, all that blood :x

  24. kevin10133 Sep 28, 2011

    your right with the story, art, presentation, and sound they all pretty much sucked but it didn't stop me from enjoying all the blunt weapon action XD

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