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Story & Characters

The story seems like any other romance/drama series.. except with the twist of magic, which has minor influence on the overall story. There are a lot of bizzare things that are made to seem perfectly normal for their world. There are three phases in the storyline, the beginning is all introductions, a happier time, then comes the mysterious phase, where the relationship between Asakura and everyone else is shown, and then the last phase where the situations are a lot more tense and serious. I liked the beginning and middle of this series... the ending was a little too weird and stiff..and too focused on three people..The unique thing about the series is that in the last couple of minutes in some of the episode there will be a focus on one character just walking around to sort of show their personalities and mood. There is also the mysterious cat person who doesn't do anything but just continues to show to weirdness of the series.

There are about two main male characters.. with the rest being girls.. and more than half of them develope a secret crush on Asakura sometime during the series. The good thing is that, their feelings are more covert, so its not exactly a harem series.. Its pretty obvious that the main conflicts are between Nemu and Asakura.. There is character development in the minor characters, as the series starts taking time from the beginning of the series to meet and learn about every other significant character. While he interacts with each character it is very blatant abuot how he effects them, which in turn changes him.

Rating: 8


The beginning of the series was where they introduced the characters, so the animation wasn't really focused on the backgrounds. But near the end episodes, they heavily relied on lots of symbolic things, such as the Sakura trees and the petals. This gets you really thinking about how the beginning of the series was really different from the ending. The animation style of the episodes really help emphasize the moments and situations of the charcters, from dark depressing moments, to the happy comedic actions of the characters. The special 5 min endings where it focuses on the characters are pretty cool in that they solely focus on the background, from the sea, to the starry nights, to the walk around the city. You get a really nice serene feeling from those moments, which usually contrasted considerable with the episodes.

Rating: 8


The OP/ED are both okay but nothing that special, with a sort of fast catchy Opening combined with an enigmatic slow ending. They combo together to fit the series really nice since the first couple of episodes are fast paced and pretty exciting followed by a slower, more serious ending episodes. The soundtrack is also not that special with a couple good songs, however, that is only because of the way the series is. Having a lot of cool and intersting songs would of destoryed the mysterious way the series went, so overall, the soundtrack did a very good job with the animation to further bring forth the mood.

Rating: 7


The main highlight is the uniqueness of the endings of each episode, where they conclude each episode really nicely. However, the overall mood of the story shifts in the middle of the story so dramatically that it is a little unsettling, and just feels weird. The music and animation of the series also changes very quickly, with no real softening affect on the transition, they help set the mood, just not that movement of the feelings. The series was fun to watch, but the ending was too different from the rest of the series.. so the situations felt a little too strange.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.50 (good)

Reviewed by psy295, Jan 03, 2006


  1. Lumenesca Feb 13, 2006

    Nice review. :) I like weird anime, so I'll check this out.

    merged: 02-13-2006 ~ 11:22am
    Nice review. :) I like weird anime, so I'll check this out.

  2. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Nicely structured review. It sounds interesting and I might just watch it in the future.

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