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Chrno Crusade

Chrno Crusade tv Review

8 volume manga (1998-2004), Daisuke Moriyama
24 TV episodes, Gonzo (2004)

Brooklyn, 1924. The prosperity of the decade has summoned the darker forces of nature to rise from their sleep and back to the surface of the world. The Order of Magdala, a religious military organization, has developed special weaponry and trained forces of nuns and priests to battle this evil. Follow Rosette Christopher, a young rambunctious exorcist, and her partner Chrno, a hornless demon, as they wade through hordes of monsters and demons, fighting evil and risking life and limb. Not to mention excessive damage to real estate.

Story & Characters

The creators did a wonderful job on just reserching about that particular time period to make it as as real as possible. They even got the slang right! The main character isn't all that realistic because she's only a teenager and she can use a gun. But other than that, the main character is a really complex person. On the outside she's happy-go-lucky and outgoing and outspoken, but inside she is a women filled with doubt. The friendship between the two main characters start really close because of past events, but blossoms into something more as each realize how important the other one is to eachother. After each challenge is presented and after escaping death time and again, they become ever closer to eachother. The idea of one of the main characters once being in line with the enemy is a nice little twist in this story of love, friendship, suspense and even a little humor. Another aspect to this complex anime is the demonic side. In the anime it says that demons are imperfect and angels are perfect, yet everybody else says that nobody is perfect. The religious aspect of this anime is intersting because it shows the other side of the coin. Not only does it express the faith on the human side, but also how that faith is retained on the demonic side. The idea that deamons or devils were created by God to keep the people faithful to heaven is a perspective that I have never heard of before. This anime is different because of all these different things but mostly because of the different perspectives the directors put into the show, not just one perspective, but many.

Rating: 9


The artwork is so beautifully done. It's detailed and the visible emotions are not the only things there, there are hidden emotions that barely show, but are detectable nonetheless. The drawings match the concept wonderfully. The cars and clothing match the time period, and the color makes it look even better. It's not too bright or too dark, it fits in with the time just pefectly. The art is so well done that it almost makes you believe that all those things really happened because it's so realistic. The transitions from scene to scene are almost perfect, and the way the characters are drawn really emphasizes who the are. For example the antagonist is drawn with height, and his clothes were drawn all white, even though he is the antagonist.

Rating: 9


The music is also done really well. The music matched the coming of the antagonist so well. When the scene called for a down mood, the music matched perfectly. But when the scene needed a happy mood, the music did not linger on sadness, but matched the scene so well that the viewer was immediately laughing with the show. The opening song, I think, symolizes a bittersweet ending to come. But the ending song,I believe, focuses more on past actions. I believe the directors did an awesome job on picking the right voice actors to play the characters. I could not see anyone else do those characters. It's so convincing it's unreal. The music for different things really help build up the suspense or romance or the humor.

Rating: 9


Of course this anime is enjoyable. There is not only suspense and drama, but also humor to lift a heavy mood. The presenting of the main characters in the first episode really had me latched on, the first time. The concept of the anime is at first unclear, but steadily becomes clearer as the story progresses. The anime moves at a steady pace, not too fast and yet not really slow. It gradually presents challenges for the protagontists and as those challenges are overcome more of the protagonists' pasts become clear as well as the concept of the anime. Before too long the entire thing is revealed, yet there are some things left in shadow and that is truly how the directors keep viewers glued to the screen wondering what will happen next. Those factors and the conplex storyline with its religious faith, suspense, drama and humor make this anime a must see on your list.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

9.00 (very good)

Reviewed by hepro2000, Dec 27, 2005


  1. HitomiEyes Dec 27, 2005

    i saw this movie and it was the greatest thing that i ever saw..the ending was extremly sad but everything else was great...The action and comedy was wondeful!

  2. crsg Dec 27, 2005

    The artwork sidn't that great for this anime so I wouldn't give it a 10. But I certainly did enjoy the series nonetheless.

  3. Hasaki-Keissi Dec 28, 2005

    I hated the anime part of it, the manga was way better, so in all fairness, this story deserves two ratings, the one you appended was definetley sufficeint for the manga, the anime however fell way short deserving no more than a B rating of about 8.2.

  4. ishimi Dec 28, 2005

    eherm...eventhough there are some series that arent not appraising...still im on!whos with me!
    *right hand up*

  5. HyperSharingan Dec 30, 2005

    i agree, the ending was very sad. i was at the verge of tears when i saw both of them die. *sniff*

  6. ueon Mute Member Jan 06, 2006

    great review, I am currently in middle of the series.

  7. shinsengumi Retired Moderator Jan 08, 2006

    As you did not support your assigned ratings of 10 for art and story, I've gone ahead and bumped them both down one notch to scores of 9. Remember that scores of 10 are to be reserved for items that demonstrate the pinnacle of achievement.

  8. elkb3191 Jan 13, 2006

    good review, like wat the mod said i thought the art and story shouldnt really be a 10. but its still a great anime and watched the whole series and like what everyone said the ending was very sad just watching the clock ticked 12 or zero which ever u perfer

  9. JC206 Jan 16, 2006

    Great anime although very sad...great job on the review for it

  10. XxYukirinxX Jan 28, 2006

    nice review.
    I watched the whole series, and yes, the ending was so sad. T-T Rosette crying and time ticks very slowly...

    merged: 01-28-2006 ~ 09:32am
    nice review.
    I watched the whole series, and yes, the ending was so sad. T-T Rosette crying and time ticks very slowly...

    merged: 01-28-2006 ~ 09:32am
    nice review.
    I watched the whole series, and yes, the ending was so sad. T-T Rosette crying and time ticks very slowly...

  11. cassandraronald May 21, 2006

    i have watched the series and ending was soo sad

  12. strawberryghost Jun 13, 2006

    I was definately in tears by the finaly, it was just so bittersweet beacuse though both rosette and chrno did die, they were togeather right up until their deaths. As i have only seen the anime, i cant very well comment on the manga other than to say that i do know the artwork is beautiful! I loved this series from the start and was instantly drawn into the story by the vibrant characters adn wonderful animation. The story line was always well paced and i was kept on the edge of my chair right up until the end. So all told, Chrno Crusade is an entirely awesome series and its by far one of my favorite series!

  13. Marento Jul 26, 2007

    I liked the anime a lot, its in my Top 5 easy. Though the ending was sad, the people that died still did so with a smile on their faces.

    Satella - Found her sister, released her from the crystal Aion's used to trap her soul as a puppet.

    Rosette - Found and saved Joshua (him not remembering doesn't count), and died in Chrno's arms, believing they saved the world from Aion.

    Chrno - Atoned for what made him a Sinner by defeating Aion, was able to die peacefully next to Rosette.

    Azmaria - Didn't die, but managed to become a full Sister -- which deserves mention in itself.

    So yeah, the ending was sad, but had its good points seen from the pov's from the people that actually died ^^;

  14. starcraft2 Sep 21, 2008

    this is a good one but had a quite sad ending but there is only one thing I want to happen on the ending, I REALLY WANT AION TO DIE AS WELL.

  15. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

  16. jenny123311994 Jun 27, 2010

    this anime was SO good (:

  17. Baraka-Senpai Jul 05, 2011

    the best!

  18. SerenTakenouchi Sep 19, 2013

    Chrno Crusade is my best anime i have ever watched it made me cry alot and bewitched me to live into this world I LOVE CHRNO CRUSADE! <3

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