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Final Fantasy VII game Review

Story & Playability

Using the planets life energy to create Mako energy and powerful magic in the form Materia, ShinRa has been harvesting the planet constantly. The planet is dying but there is hope in a team of underground mercenaries known as AVALANCHE whose personal vendetta is to save the planet from ShinRa Inc. But within AVALANCHE lies an ex-SOLDIER whose past is a mystery and whose fighting skills are of the best. The story slowly unfolds after a mission to destroy a Mako Reactor in a huge "pizza" known as Midgar... who is this ex-SOLDIER? What's his relation to the girl in the 7th Heaven bar? Is there a bigger story unfolding in middle of Midgar?

The story goes on is very intriguing. As the game moves forward you get a feel for each of the characters past and you want to see the best in their future to save the planet. You will meet up with various people offering help, wanting to join your party, and you'll see that not all your enemies are as bad as they seam. The history of Cloud is probably the most confusing at first play, but you slowly piece together his past when you play the game again. Each character is different and the game makes you feel for each character. Over the entire story is enjoyable and entraps you in the world of Final Fantasy VII.

Rating: 8


The graphics were top-notch at it's time. Breaking away from the series' use of sprites and going to 3D. Of course the designs seam simplistic but that's how they went at this time. It's kind of an anime-to-3D cross-over sort of speaking. The character designs are amazing none-the-less. Tetsuya Nomura artwork is very detailed. Of course fans of the Final Fantasy series prefer Amano's artwork but you still have to give Nomura some credit for directing and doing the art for this game. More of his work can be seen in later Final Fantasy's, Kingdom Hearts, and he is also doing the art work for the 3 spin off Final Fantasy VII games (Dirge of Cerberus, Before Crisis, and Crisis Core). The artwork is impressive from the begging and for its time, the 3D was top notch and a refreshing break from sprites. Over all the artwork was definitely enjoyable and the animations were pretty "cool" as were jaw dropping when you first see any of the summons in Final Fantasy VII. The summons really stood out and made the game fun and allowed you to waste about 30 seconds to summon a huge creature. My personal favorites are Bahamut ZER0, Choco/Mog, Odin, Hades, and Neo Bahamut. Knights of the Round is a very good at dealing a lot of damage, the animations well done and is very interesting to see Arthur's court, but isn't one of my favorites sadly. All of the summons were very well done and had awesome animations.

Rating: 8


My favorite, sound. I probably said this before but Nobuo Uematsu is most definitely a genius when it comes to sound. It is probably my favorite Final Fantasy soundtrack thus far. The music is intriguing and emotional and sets the entire mood of the game. It really adds to the enjoyment that it has such a very vibrant soundtrack that is very much worth the buy just to listen to it. There are so many memorable tracks on the OST that I'd probably list the entire soundtrack. Favorites are of course the opening, prelude, the people fight, the people fight again, interrupted by fireworks, chocobo, and of course... Aerith's theme (Aeris in U.S.).

The sound effects are standard but are very good for its time. In battle you know what's going on by just hearing the various sounds for attacks, hits (critical or not), magic's and summons. There isn't really much detail you can go by as for sound effects.

Voice acting.... everyone knows this game doesn't have voice acting. So too bad. :p

Rating: 9


Over all this gave was very impressive for its time and maybe the minimal in standards for today's society but still very enjoyable experience. The game play was awesome, the characters were likable and gave you a feeling for them, the story was intriguing and puzzling at times, and the sound was astounding. Just thinking of this game makes me want to play it right now and bust out an Omnislash. For its time the game was a burst of new for the series. Breaking away from traditional sprites into full 3D. Of course this game isn't for everybody. Action seekers will be bored of the battles after awhile, where as RPG lovers will be hooked for hours just leveling up their character. Challenging side missions just add-on to the game play. Overall a great game in a great series.

Do not listen to these people that this game is "over hyped". People only started saying that now that the Advent Children movie came out. Before they probably loved the game as much as I have. I guess people think it's cool to "hate" this game. But whatever to be honest. I enjoyed this game and loved every bit of it. I loved it back then just as much as I do now.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.17 (good)

Reviewed by SplinterCell, Dec 22, 2005


  1. SplinterCell Dec 22, 2005

    by the way just wanted to add that this is a "back then" review of Final Fantasy VII. View this as if it were just released in 1997... of course with various spurrs of present-day information.

  2. Agret Dec 24, 2005

    It's a good review but it didn't seem very "back then" to me, it was all going on about how its the bare minimum and it was good "for its time". You can't seriously say it was "back then" this is obviously a present day review but maybe your scores are "back then" scores....

    You also forgot to mention how you can't skip those stupid summon animations and have to sit there for 20 minutes just watching the knights of the round with w-summon

  3. JC206 Dec 25, 2005

    Very nice review for the FF7 game and I agree it doesn't sound very back then to me I think it's just right.....might be hard to write it as if it came out..........I think

  4. Keya Apr 24, 2006

    FF7 is the best of all the games! Its my 100% fav! ^^ I love everything about the game, my older brother thinks its the best, I think its the best, and my younger brother thinks its the best! ^^

  5. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Nice review, simple, yet enjoyable.

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