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School Rumble tv Review

Tsukamoto Tenma has long been keeping her love to her schoolmate, Karasuma, a secret until one day she heard that Karasuma is going to move within a month. Feeling desperate Tenma tries any possible way to reveal her feelings to Karasuma, aided by her little sister Yakumo, and fellow classmates.

On the other side, a young delinquent Harima Kenji falls in love to the seemingly innocent Tenma, but all his attempts have been failing at all times.

Would Tenma finally realize Kenji's hidden feelings? Would Tenma's burning love reach the cold and flat Karasuma? School Rumble follows the funny adventures of Tenma and Kenji with their love confession trials, misunderstandings, and laugh-able desperate measures of teen romance.

Story & Characters

School Rumble starts off as a traditional shoujo style affair, where a cute high school girl (Tsukamoto Tenma) is in love with a distant, and totally clueless, classmate (Kurasuma Ooji). Of course through in another man (Harima Kenji), determined to claim the girl's heart. The series immediately digresses from the usual pattern of events with some hilarious antics from all parties... Tenma is ridiculously girly when dealing with Kurasuma-kun, while Harima, the infamous motorcycle-riding school deliquent, is overwhelmingly stupid (and innocent) in his attempts to get closer to Tenma-chan.

Theres great character development, with even side characters getting constantly developed through many interactions with the main characters... Strangely enough, Kurasuma-kun has very few real parts in the anime, but when he does, its usually major.

It may not sound like much, but the day-to-day trials of these characters, and their nosy friends, is well worth the time and effort of getting and watching this series.

Rating: 7


The art style is typical, large (but not huge) eyes on the girls, and everyone in cute school uniforms. Occasionally, on overemphasized scenes, a whole different art style is used to depict the characters, giving them a more "life-like" look, adding to the "drama". Its used quite well to give the viewer a laugh as Tenma gives a serious face, or Harima runs into the horizon crying with mixed grief.
The animation is crisp and never lack in detail, while the background is always busy or well rendered, making it quite a well done show.

Rating: 9


The intro and ending songs are hilarious on their own, their lyrics give me a laugh whenever I hear them being played! The OST and background music is average, not standing out much, but its not something you could listen to apart from the show. And finally, the speech and dialogue is very well done, the voices match the characters almost perfectly!! The seiyuus give a believable presentation of the characters, no matter how ridiculous or strange the situation.
Probably the seiyuu choiches and intro/ending songs are the audio highlights of this show. But the OST does nothing to drag it down ^^;

Rating: 8


Many parts of School Rumble are zany and hilarious, with a couple of scenes poking fun at other animes... (any Initial D fan out there will be treated to a good laugh). Overall, its very original, and whenever the anime borrows from others, its to get a laugh or develop it into a comic situation. There are always 3 parts to a show, but sometimes they flow seamlessly into each other, or occasionally, one part will take up half the show, and the other 2 parts manage to squeeze their story into a brief 10 minutes.

The anime also takes some parts directly from the manga, literally! With exactly the same image, only coloured. Of course, there are many different stories to keep the experienced manga reader interested!

Pretty much every episode is watchable, and even if it's not, they'll have plenty of scenes of attractive characters throughout! But don't worry, the series has very few ecchi parts, (so far) and even then its restrcited to very, very short intervals... like a 5 second bath scene, lol.

Both guys and girls can enjoy this series to the fullest, with its comedy, romance, and drama leaving you craving for more.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.83 (good)

Reviewed by hikago, Nov 16, 2004


  1. ansk21 Nov 16, 2004

    Wow.... I lovely School rumble ^^ Thanks To Reviews ^^ Good job :D :D :D

  2. Tatsumi09 Nov 16, 2004

    It's a fun series, and I like the words you used in Art "Occasionally, on overemphasized scenes, a whole different art style is used to depict the characters, giving them a more "life-like" look, adding to the "drama". [Reminds me of the scene in ep3 after the ending song]
    The voice of the characters also cracks me up.

    Great Review, Great series.

  3. Ilona Nov 17, 2004

    I liked this serie even if I was afraid at first than more than 20 minutes woulbd be too long for this adaptation... I disliked Azumanga daioh cause there were too many little stories and it was hard for me to concentrate.

  4. Limality Nov 17, 2004

    ZOMG O_O lovely review of school rumble :D you couldnt have said/reviewed it any better! Major props on this review :D i really like your style of reviewing. it's full of interesting facts of how you think the anime is and it wasnt boring to read it. i know you wrote this just outta nothing actually cause it's so vivid and fluently! an interesting review for an interesting show with interesting characters xD

    Arigatou gozaimasu for this really well done review of yours ;)

    Ja, ne!

  5. PureTypeDZanza Nov 18, 2004

    Now that i read this review i kinda wanna see it. Anybody know where to find it?

  6. hikago Nov 18, 2004

    lol, first get mIRC if you don't already have it. (google it if necessary) and then go to rizon server ( /server irc.rizon.net ) and then visit the #wannabefansubs channel (/j #wannabefansubs )
    oh yeah, visit their website too: http://www.wannabefansubs.net ^^;
    hrm... from there... I"m not too sure (my friends get school rumble for me cuz my slow internet), but its somewhere there... ^^; *sorry*

    P.S. I think you can get it off bt as well ... again, check the website ^^;

  7. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Nov 18, 2004

    Brillaint review.....Simply amazing not only did you cover every aspect, but you got what I expect someone would of normally missed. The anime itself is one of the funniest I've seen and it gives a realistic point on life as well....since I'm sure we've all gone through a similar situation...just not as bizzare or whacky. Nonetheless I love it. I couldn't of asked for anything better, hell you can't be whats already perfect.

  8. k1bell Nov 20, 2004

    haven't really watched School Rumble but from the anime's screenshots and the manga, this is one very funny series!!!!! XD

  9. Windy-San Nov 29, 2004

    Wow.. wat a comprehensive review! great!
    Just felt the series deserve alittle more in ratings..
    Although this series isn't very orginial > refering to Tenma-chan drawing strong resemblance to mahoro..
    Still it has its own unique side! & the OP & CS are so up lifting!! ^_^
    Do recomment to frens who wants a quick laugh =)
    (ps: Oh! Tenma-chan doing the Inital-D part is my fav!! Super Hilarious!!)

  10. Deathstrike Dec 25, 2004

    The series is so funny ^^
    i don't know why but it reminds me of Cromatie High
    Manga is really good too
    Love the intertwined relationships

  11. akari-chan Mar 31, 2005

    I like your review. I think this series deserve a better rating. :)

  12. Alchemy101 Apr 04, 2005

    Yeah good review, it's true how there are so many pop/anime culture references, right down to Akira playing the PSP (i nearly fell off my chair laughing after watching that).

  13. DarkSeiten Jul 22, 2005

    I dunno 'bout U guyz but i think it deserve more than 7.8....Dude, r u kiddin'? thiz show is the BEST Anime i watched since Dragon Ball Z or Doraemon^^. My favourite part is when Tenma, Harima n Karasuma ridin' bicycles passin' through the Toyata Sprinter AE86
    (Initial D) ..... that is ridiculously hilarious!^^

  14. vogue11 Nov 01, 2005

    I lik this series much from begining till end my mouth non stop laughing......so

  15. nainoi Oct 02, 2009

    My favorite anime.

  16. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

  17. rukasu44 Dec 08, 2010

    It's a great anime, thnks for the review, I really liked to see Harima Kenji xDD

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